Political correctness, anti-white racism and galloping Marxism

It is difficult to overstate just how deleterious the policy detailed in this mornings article about deliberately ignoring merit in order to find a reason not to hire white people as lifeguards. The fact that very possibly someone will die due to the inability of the lifeguard will not deter the leftists so well entrenched now at every level of government as they will claim more would have died as they would rather drown than trust a white person to save them.

Not this this is believable but it causes enough cognitive dissonance to not get as strident a reply as it deserves.

President of North Korea, not qualified for anything, so first pick as Az lifeguard

President of North Korea, not qualified for anything, so first pick as Az lifeguard

The kind of reasoning that the people who implemented this policy use is simultaneously absurd, and yet oddly unimpeachable.’

To dispel the racist slogan 'Swims like a brick'  Arizona pools have hired actual bricks as lifeguards

To dispel the racist slogan ‘Swims like a brick’ Arizona pools have hired actual bricks as lifeguards

Many times growing up I heard the hurtful phrase, ‘Swims like a brick’, or, ‘Floats like a Brick’ (to indicate how terribly bricks swim and float) which are clearly racist memes intended to prevent bricks from achieving their rightful place as lifeguards at Arizona pools.

Yes I exaggerate for humor but I actually once saw a vegetarian silenced by accusations that she was racist because she felt that just because an organism had no central nervous system it was OK to eat them while animals are not OK to eat. Basically accusing her of being mamalio-centric so to speak. She actually had no answer to that as it was the kind of reasoning she considered to be axiomatic and self evident. She just wasn’t used to having it used against her.

Hiring Yams to save the drowning since 2013

Hiring Yams to save the drowning since 2013

And why stop there? Hiring a yam as a life guard does double duty as it looks natural in a pool, especially in inner city areas, and is a way of dispelling racism and hatred often directed with commonly heard slurs, towards the profoundly disabled.


Ultimately, the greatest prejudice of them all:

Hiring the metabolically challenged has been a great boon to the goth community at public pools.

Hiring the metabolically challenged has been a great boon to the goth community at public pools.

Probably the greatest single aspect of civilization Vs. totalitarian states in the history of the world, is the principle of merit over nepotism and group-ism. The great irony being that leftist groups who have now created endless systemic racism under the banner of getting rid of it. Laws such as hate speech laws, affirmative action and so on are always selectively enforced either by design or by manipulation post hoc. While the jokes above are silly examples of the humour of logical extremes, the photos below are not.

Where are the Chinese people?

No affirmative action here

Racist Chinese restaurant hires no Khalghari Bushmen

As much as it pains me to say it, the craftily worded slick PR campaign by the KKK seems to have more merit than it should.

Multiculturalism is indeed code for anti-white racism.

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  1. A few years ago we had some so-called “race riots”, completely misreported by the media where locals at a wonderfull beachside suburbs south of Sydney simply had enough of their girls being raped and young life savers being attacked by arab/muslim thugs, so one day they marched against that, including mums with prams and all that – the revenge attacks the next day were a story that should be entered in the shame files of Australian law enforcers and media for ever. (But that is a story for another day).

    The outcome of this was a sharade of “officials” bending over backwards to accomodate the so-called victims (which in fact were the criminal attackers) and money was spent to “attract” muslims to the beach. So we trained “life savers” who LITERALLY COULD NOT SWIM! And the media were over this grotesk charade like a bad smell over decaying fish. Fortunately, once the cameras gone – everything got back to “nearly normal” – and the police who during that time patrolled our beach disappeared also. It goes without saying that none of the arab/muslim thugs had to pay by there criminal acts.

    Here is one of those non-swiming, politically correct “life savers” at Cronulla:


  2. Here is yet another interesting story that caught my eye:

    Saudi Arabia expels thousands of Yemeni workers
    “Impoverished Yemen is facing new instability with thousands of its nationals working in Saudi Arabia being expelled after the kingdom issued new labour laws to tackle its own employment crisis. Officials in Sana’a confirmed that thousands of Yemeni expatriates had been deported in recent days after a controversial change in the Saudi labour law, officially designed to curb the “overwhelming number of foreign workers flooding the country” – the majority of whom are Yemenis. Yemeni workers have seen their residency permits torn up by Saudi officials, AFP reported…”

  3. Not only will the families of future victims have claims involving the criminal negligence of the employing authority.But other employees (for which the employer carries legal responsibility) who might be injured due to the inabilities of their fellow worker will also be able to seek legal redress.
    The poor swimmer employee will also be able to take legal action against an employer who has deliberately ignored current requirements and/or guidelines and placed an unqualified employee in danger.(As some rescuers unfortunately get injured in the performance of their duty).
    I would be interested in the facility insurers response to the employers decision to place employees and members of the public in danger and then expect the insurer to provide public liability cover for this facility.(In the UK all registered companies and local authorities MUST have public liability insurance to operate their business)…….. The lawyers will love this?

  4. As an ex-lifegard we were trained to go in after anybody who was in difficulty,did’nt matter who it was or the colour of their skin,it makes you wonder what the muzzie lifegards would do,or in fact,are there ANY muzzie lifegards?? or would it be against their cult to save a “kuffir” in difficulty – and would they be very selective in who they go into the water to help,and how do you tell,?? and as far as the dress code in the picture is concerned,who would want a lifegard helping you when they have all the garb on,you would probabally have to end up saving her.!!

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