Are these the bravest human beings alive?

Defining bravery may not be as easy as I once thought it was. Typically, I felt it was someone who did something they felt needed doing and which they were very afraid to do, because of very real and likely consequences for the act.

Many people define bravery as simply placing yourselves in harms way. Granted there is a great deal of overlap there, but the person who has no fear of heights whatsoever such as certain amber-indians famous for working on New York Skyscrapers in the 1940s and 50s cannot be said to be brave necessarily, (at least in this sense) while a soldier who goes out into the battlefield knowing that he may not survive the encounter, and being profoundly frightened to do so is perhaps the dictionary definition of bravery.

How would you define then, women who not only are unarmed, but are out numbered and unclothed and paint upon themselves slogans demanding freedom and genuine human rights and place themselves in the middle of the most conservative, ultra-right wing misogynistic and thuggish group of people known to exist these days short of North Korea, and do this for the benefit of all of us.

Brave doesn’t cut it. We need a new word.

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Pictures from this page at France Femen on Facebook

Tunisian FEMEN activist Meriam burned a salafist flag in front of the Grande Mosquée de Paris today at 4PM as a symbol of women’s fight against wild religious extremism. The Arab sextremist gave a sign of women’s stand-off to those who kill and rape in the name of Allah. The recent call of Tunisian salafists to stone Tunisian activist Amina was the last step before a big women riot.
As bright as the fire of the salafist flag that was burning, the Women’s revolution against wild traditions of Islamism will start. Women of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, EMENA, Afghanistan, Turkey, Pakistan and Indonesia, you will change the planet with your courage! The one who was oppressed will become free, the one who was weak will become strong. Our bodies belong to us only! Islamism is strong in front of the oppressed but islamism is weak in front of the rebellion of our free bodies! Our breasts are more dangerous then their stones!

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  1. Men expect to be beaten and even killed, not too long ago in war men were murdered while women where enslaved. Women do this because they are protected by laws that can send a men to jail with just a word from a woman, law is heavily biased toward women, besides, women are taught nobody can touch them, cue their recklessness outside a mosque. Should have set the damn mosque on fire rather than waste good money on a flag.

  2. I do not agree with all their stances.

    But they get points for being consistent and brave.

    They are among the bravest.

  3. Now there’s a flag that I’d like to see in flames more often. Just how great is that heathen so-called god now?

    FEMEN Hu Akbar!

  4. Brave? yes, a little bit. Bravest people alive?… probably not, possibly just hotheaded and a little bit naive.
    Braver than me? Most definitely!

  5. Lots of possibilities. There will be some comments vehemently disagreeing with me soon I think, and will make very valid points about Femen. Frankly some of them I dislike a great deal. Like the ones that attack church property in Russia and disrupt services there. One knows Catholics are not going to harm you and Catholics have no penalty for apostates and no compulsion to belong. So the moral equivalence of treating them the same as Muslims is bad logic at best.

    But this, well whatever it is they actually felt, took guts. I wish more people would do similar things, although not necessarily naked, everywhere. Hell there are more people standing up to the fascist Muslims in Tunisia and Egypt now than there is in France and England in this way it appears.

  6. Eeyore you are right, they are brave and more people should be standing up to the Moslems, hopefully they will start soon.

  7. I hope they stole that flag other wise they gave to the organizations they hate.

    But it makes a very good statement

  8. Ox AO Good point. Very good point. Who makes and sells these flags? They should be in prison. It’s a hate symbol. Just like selling Nazi paraphernalia.

    At the very least they should be outed and demostrations held against them.

  9. @ Eeyore

    I do not know where I read it today (maybe Zerohedge), but the IMF will not lend money unless the Egyptian government cut subsidies. I thought some subsidies have already been cut & there have been riots. In the past when governments have cut subsidies there have been riots like in Ecuador.

    So a lot of the riots were from sticker/price shock.

    IMF team to arrive in Egypt on Wednesday for loan talks

    I am watching this # to see if there are going to be mass riots, war, a change in government or the Muslim Brotherhood rolling over & deciding to govern decently (Least Likely possibility).

    Egypt Foreign Exchange Reserves

    Ask Richard, it seems like he does fairly well reading tea leaves.

  10. Okay I am not losing it. Not quite yet anyway.

    I did see an article about subsidies & Egyptian riots. It was not Zero Hedge but the Christian Science Monitor.

    “Bread riots or bankruptcy: Egypt faces stark economic choices”

    “Egypt lifts cooking gas price before IMF visit” –

    I have no tears for the Muslim Brotherhood. They own this. They created this. They deserve the fallout. If they would be a live & let live types, they would still have tourism.

  11. Thanks Red, my tea leaves say probably both, the left has bankrupted the west and we can’t afford to give much to Egypt, that means riots and spending to try and buy enough food to stop the riots, which means bankruptcy. I don’t know much more about what is going to happen but those two are certain.

  12. I was hoping for a date a la Hari Seldon (Isaac Asimov’s Foundation). Alright I know I am not that smart nor knowledgeable yet. And the future in that regards does not look bright either. But I am working on it.

    They have that computer that they input the days news into predict trends. It has to be doing something what Isaac Asimov wrote about.

    Now I cannot afford a super computer. But a person can make one. Not sure it would be useful in this case. An astrophysicist built one himself out of a circuit board. It was a hardwired supercomputer that did just one thing compute gravitation attraction. So he has a supercomputer, but it can only do one thing. Study star cluster of 100,000 stars and similar problems.

    But maybe if we follow as many trends as stock prickers called chartist do, we can predict this stuff.

    I am guessing the end of the summer a the latest. My window is June to August.

    When the IMF asked Ecuador to cut subsidies to obtain loans, there were riots.

    Isaac Asimov was onto something.

    The Telling Tale of Nigeria’s Fuel-Subsidy Riots

    Riots as Indonesia restricts cut to fuel subsidy

    Ecuadorian president says to keep fuel subsidies if reelected << Warning Chinese link ***

    I though there were fuel riots when subsidies were cut in Ecuador in the 1990s. Source WSJ?

    My window is June to August. Of course the results of the IMF talks will change that. I can be wrong. Not that smart but neither are people like Morse & the others. They are just connected, violent & greedy.

  13. I support these brave women, they are exposing hypocracies of religion in the modern world. however “EEYORE” maybe as a child you never read “winnie the pooh” by AA Milne

  14. Red I agree with you in the time frame, but keep in mind that I have been wrong about the time frame most of the time, I keep predicting events happening faster then they do.

    Yeah we need Henry Sheldon, but you also need to remember Heinlein’s statement, you can tolerate false oracle, real ones should be shot on sight. OK so I paraphrased it, I don’t remember the exact quote.

  15. Feminists respect nothing an no-one except themselves. I am a Christian but this action disgusts me. I would sooner side with Muslims than feminists, they are human scum.

  16. I love the way a self proclaimed christian can use the word scum. It is a silly over used word that I believe says more about the person saying it than the people it is directed against. As for Muslims before feminists? Get real.

  17. For those who judge Islam for mistakes of some people, Why not take some time and learn about islam and women rights.

    In Islam, men and women are different from each other and each has their respective roles. Honoring and respecting women in Islam is a sign of a good, wholesome character and an unadulterated nature. The Messenger of Islam, Muhammad said:

    “The best of you are the best of you towards their wives.” (Tirmidhi)

  18. @AMR

    No way I am going to an Islamic website without a computer (of mine) I can wipe. The only way to safely be on the web is to have about 4 computers for various tasks.

    There are somethings I like about the hijab. But by & large Islam is a failure for mankind.

    1st off it wipes out 50% of available brain power for a civilization. I am deadly serious about this one. I remember inviting a woman, a B student to a study group. My friend and I were A students in this class. We were going over a set of math abstract algebra math problems. We came over one problem & spun our wheels for 20 minutes. We were discussing various complicated strategies for solving it. She finally proposed a straightforward way of solving it. I said finally proposed, because we were of the opinion that we would always get the answer before her. We were humbled. Just look at Islamic countries women are just breeders. Islam is stuck in the worst of what the West did.

    Can you imagine that at 1st contact the 1st person an alien meets is a Muslim. The earth would be doomed to get hit by a Higgs-Boson planet buster. Muslims think they can threaten anyway or use stealth jihad. They think if they get nukes they can conquer anyone. What if a country did what they did in the Planet of the Apes movie set in NYC? 1 Bomb which cannot be shot down because it never flew. I have read other forums & the ideal is out there.

    2nd off Islam is guaranteed to increase violent crime and homosexuality. It has not been proven for all homosexuals, but it has been proven for some that homosexuality is a choice. It is a choice that is exercised more often when there are no jobs & no access to women. Can you spell polygamy? We have a problem with polygamy both formal & informal in the West. But at least it is not codified into religious of the majority law. As an example what the governor of NEW York did was essentially polygamy. Why it was not out & out polygamy was because he was not yet rich enough & we track money because of the drug war & tax avoidance. He got caught for the latter reason.
    Also what is it with the bachi bazi? It seems if you are prominent & have guns like the Taliban & others you can do this. Did you see the movie the “Kite Runner”

    3rd with all this respect of women how is that all these women are getting hit with acid or shot?

  19. Ohhh God! I agree with your comments about remarks posted by Darren His brand of misogynist hatred would be entirely at home in the islamic world

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