Photograph of mosque in Iran

This picture was sent to us by an expat Persian human rights activist, (Real human rights not the hijacked version) Shabnam, who asked the question:

Have you ever seen a house of prayer say death to a people?

The banner reads in Persian:

“Death to Israel”

Banner reads "Death to Israel"

Banner reads “Death to Israel”



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  1. Islam, hate and death are in a Muslims mothers milk. Beats me why they need a banner. Maybe it adds a festive feel to the services.

  2. Even though we already know about islam thoughts about non-muslims, its good to get confirmation from time to time. Thanks to ShabNam 🙂

  3. OT- NAYPYITAW, Myanmar, March 28 (UPI) — More than 100 homes belonging to Muslims in central Myanmar were raided during sectarian violence, a local police official said.

    Anti-Muslim riots spread to Muslim townships of Monyo and Padigon, about 100 miles north of Rangoon. A Monyo police officer told The Irrawaddy, a Thai newspaper covering Myanmary, that overnight clashes were spreading but there were no deaths reported.

    “A mosque was totally destroyed and nearly 100 Muslim-owned houses were ransacked,” the officer said on condition of anonymity.

    Myanmar’s government imposed curfews and martial law over parts of the country as violence between Muslims and Buddhists erupted last week. The United Nations estimates at least 12,000 people have been displaced by the fighting.

    A U.N. genocide prevention official said this week he was concerned about the religious violence in Myanmar. Similar conflicts erupted last year in Rakhine.

    Myanmar earned international praise for a series of political reforms that began with general elections in 2010. Human Rights Watch this week said those reforms were in jeopardy because of the religious violence.

  4. Sri Lanka crowd attacks Muslim warehouse in Colombo (BBC, Marc 29, 2013): “Several people have been injured in Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo, when Buddhist monks led hundreds in an assault on a Muslim-owned clothing warehouse. Buddhist monks were filmed throwing stones at the storage centre of popular garment chain Fashion Bug in a suburb of the capital on Thursday night. Police told AFP news agency that forces had been deployed to guard the area … Eyewitnesses said the police stood and watched although after the trouble spread they brought it under control … After some Muslim? groups called a strike in protest against a growing Buddhist campaign against their lifestyle, including halal food classification, a hard-line Buddhist party in the governing coalition issued a statement saying: “Sinhalese Buddhists should be determined to teach such Muslim extremists a lesson that they will never forget”.”

  5. OT- Myanmar Jimmy Carter heads to Myanmar, Nepal

    Former US president Jimmy Carter headed Friday to Myanmar and Nepal, hoping to find ways to encourage democracy in the two Asian nations

    […]The former president will then head to Myanmar to meet political leaders and civil society as the erstwhile military regime pushes ahead with reforms that have included an easing of press
    censorship and the release of prisoners.

    Carter’s visit comes amid growing concern about religious violence in Myanmar, also known as Burma, where at least 40 people have died in anti-Muslim riots led by members of the Buddhist majority.

    VIDEO – Violences in Bago – Burma Western Region

  6. What is with the fence in the mosque?

    Isn’t everyone equal in Islam? There were never fences in church separating some of the congregation from others.

  7. Jimmy carter does…

    No one cares. He is a joke among people, who do not punch the Democrat Party ticket. Among the Democrats many follow & know more about Lady Gaga or Kim Khardassian than Jimmy.

    Cut to the chase. I have more sympathy for the fictional Don Quixote and think him purer of heart & more effective than Jimmy Cartuh.

  8. No one else seems to notice or mention that the fella standing under the right hand corner of the oblong banner seems to be naked. What gives?

  9. wtd2

    I blew up the picture as much as possible. He appears naked from the waste up. Below the was he is wearing white sweats? Maybe he is going to flog himself like Shia do. Or maybe he committed some “crime” & is to be flogged after prayer.

  10. I just dashed off 40 emails to Iranian embassies around the world, calling for the nuclear eradication of Iran. Keeping my fingers crossed for a polite reply.

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