Police seize MP Galloway’s computer in hacking probe: Investigating claims he sanctioned spying on secretary’s emails

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Daily Mail:

  • MP George Galloway denies he condoned hacking on former secretary
  • He put down a Commons motion accusing her of dirty-tricks campaign

By Glen Owen

PUBLISHED: 22:01 GMT, 23 March 2013 | UPDATED: 22:01 GMT, 23 March 2013

Maverick: MP George Galloway has had his computer seized by policeMaverick: MP George Galloway has had his computer seized by police

Police have seized a Commons computer belonging to MP George Galloway as part of a probe into claims the maverick sanctioned the hacking of a former secretary’s private emails.

Scotland Yard said it was examining the laptop after a complaint that the Respect MP had authorised a lawyer to spy on the Hotmail account of Aisha Ali-Khan, suspended by Mr Galloway last October.

The Bradford West MP, who denies he condoned hacking, put down a Commons motion last year accusing Ms Ali-Khan of a dirty-tricks campaign against him with her husband, Afiz Khan, a member of the Metropolitan Police anti-terror squad.

He told MPs: ‘Afiz Khan sent emails to an individual in the Hon Member’s office who acted as his agent and co-ordinated this operation from his police email account and from at least two other fake email accounts.’

Mr Galloway’s claims led to the arrest of the couple on suspicion of data protection offences and, in Mr Khan’s case, of ‘abusing his position as a police officer’.

But now Scotland Yard is also investigating how Mr Galloway first became aware of the emails. Ms Ali-Khan, 32, a mother of one, has denied any campaign against Mr Galloway, saying the emails the MP saw were part of a private correspondence in which her husband was counselling her over ‘bullying and misogyny’ in the MP’s Bradford office.

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  1. she is not his wife. Her real name is Aisha Kauthar not Khan. Her so called marriage is under Islamic law, not british law. So she is a second wife under an islamic marriage. but what is worse is that claims to be married when she got divorced ! The copper in question is already married under british law to someone else who lives in Hertfordshire. Aisha ali khan, I believe is blackmailing him and I think the police should investigate this further. She has now been sacked and charged. She is a spy in the muslim community, has made sex allegations against Dr Musharraf Hussain (who was found innocent). This woman is a disgrace to Islam and muslims (as is the copper). She deliberately set out to breakup the marriage with the coppers wife and threatened the children (she has been divorced before). She appears to suffer from personality disorder (she has 4 disabled family members who are similar or worse). It is rumored that she also has not filed her tax returns when she was a director for Crystal consultancy and claims housing benefit when she was living with here parents . Can one really trust her ?

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