Bangladeshi Students Charged With Alleged Gang Rape Of South Shields Teenager

Something tells me that these Bangladeshis are not part of the 10% Hindu or Christian population. Just saying is all.

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Sky News:

By Hugh Macknight Location: South Shields

South Shields Magistrates Court

South Shields Magistrates Court

Three Bangladeshi students have appeared in court accused of the gang rape of a teenage girl in South Shields.

Ferdoush Hasan, 22, Raabsan Khan, 19, and Abu Sufian, 21, have been jointly charged with rape after an alleged attack on a 15-year-old girl in South Shields, South Tyneside, on February 12 last year.

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5 Replies to “Bangladeshi Students Charged With Alleged Gang Rape Of South Shields Teenager”

  1. I think their names suggest that they are not Hindu or Christian. Just a bit of humble guesswork there from me.
    Still, at least there was something a bit more specific this time, at least geographically, and we’ve not endured the usual vague catchword ‘Asian’ which often places an offender’s ancestry anywhere in a vague territory hovering somewhere around Tokyo, Goa and the Tamyr Peninsula!
    Perhaps the media are getting braver, but I’m still waiting for the day that the ‘M’ word starts appearing on the cast list.

  2. Malaysia – Muslim man cuts off father’s penis, then his own…. he wanted to change for the better and to get closer to Allah,”

    […]the suspect turned aggressive by beating his father with a rattan stick with the intention to make his father cry to release the spirit of the so-called Imam Nawawi,”

    […]when the suspect failed to make his father cry, he asked for a knife from his brother-in-law, stormed into his father’s room and cut off his father’s penis and then, his own.

    […]As a result of the incident, both the suspect and his 67-year-old father sustained severe blood loss and were rushed to Sultanah Nur Zahirah Hospital for treatment.

    He said both men were reported to be in critical condition.

    “We believe the suspect was obsessed with the deviant teaching he learned from the Internet,”

    […]the suspect’s 33-year-old wife, said her husband had showed a change in attitude over the past two months. “I thought he wanted to change for the better and to get closer to Allah,” she said when met at the hospital.

  3. Unless they converted back to their ancient ancestral faiths., which I doubt, then their names indicate those are Muslim.

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