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4 Replies to “The simple truth, of the mentality that Obama pretends not to understand, about Israel’s neighbor”

  1. What is sad about this, and somewhat ironic is that the old woman dressed in a tablecloth is actually guilty of child-abuse whether she realises it or not. The truth is that Muslims make terrible parents, in fact the whole of dar-al-Islam consists of the worst and most dysfunctional parents on the planet and yet Muslims are breeding like rabbits. In a sane world they would be forbidden to have kids, they are simply not fit to be in charge of children.
    If the entire planet had a sane global social services network, then not one Muslim alive today would be allowed the responsibility of bringing up a family.
    As for the reasonably pretty interviewer, she’s lucky to be showing her hair and face. It’s all a publicity stunt. If hardcore Muslim men have their way, she’ll be one of the first on the rape list!

  2. Well there we have it. A holy war. An unfathomable concept in the West, except by the tiny minority who have bothered to study the Islamic culture. Western policy comes out of its false provincial perceptions, therefore is nearly always 180 degrees wrong.

    World leaders are paid to know these things, yet they do not. The only Western PM to acknowledge this is Stephen Harper. As far as the others – it’s malpractice of Biblical proportions.

  3. Child abuse at least, Bob. Notice how the old lady isn’t volunteering to strap on a bomb herself – which she could do, but she’s downright eager to “make the sacrifice” for her sons. “Thanks, Mom…”.

    Islam isn’t a religion, it is a virulent mental illness. And if they keep spreading around the world, the way they are, and multiplying in numbers, the way they are, we are going to be seeing this sort of mindset all over the world and with alarming frequency.

    As to why Obama and others can’t seem to follow the plot, I have some crazy theories, but I really have no idea at all. I don’t understand why The Western World is sleepwalking into oblivion like this, when these people are making it so abundantly clear that they want to have us for dinner. Why would we want to be someone’s dinner? I don’t get it…

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