Friday sees Brotherhood offices under attack across Egypt

Magic Martin has sent a series of articles and videos on the Across-Egypt attacks on Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood offices).

This is quite a significant event. Lets hope they can keep the pressure up.

From AHRAM.Org:

In Cairo, Alexandria, Mansoura, Mahalla, and Zagazig, Muslim Brotherhood buildings were attacked, in a day of protests against the group

Ahram Online, Friday 22 Mar 2013

Muslim Brotherhood

Egyptian policemen write a report at a destroyed branch headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood after protesters broke in to the building in the Manial neighborhood in Cairo (Photo: AP)

Protests against the Muslim Brotherhood, from which President Mohamed Morsi hails, sparked violence in a number of cities across the country on Friday.

The Brotherhood’s main headquarters in the Cairo district of Mokattam was the epicentre of events, and the area surrounding the premises saw prolonged violence between anti-Brotherhood protests and members of the Islamist group. Police repeatedly tried to disperse the crowd with teargas.

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Wow I so don’t get the one below. Huge banners of a beard face. No idea who yet.

The google translation for it is: “7 surveillance video scenes of lynching and bullets and blood at the foot of the Mokattam”


At 2:20 in the video below, it would appear that a person standing in the streets is shot dead.

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  1. Intense clashes at Egypt’s Brotherhood HQ

    Intense clashes took place on Friday between hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood supporters and opponents near the group’s Cairo headquarters.

    At least 40 people have been injured, according to a health ministry source as the number is expected to soar. No deaths were reported.

    Police repeatedly fired teargas from the headquarters at anti-Brotherhood protesters throughout the day.

    Brotherhood members and supporters, in return, formed human chains around the building to protect it from any possible attacks.

    Clashes started at Friday noon in Nafura Square, less than a kilometre away from the headquarters, and continued throughout the day into the evening. Many protesters suffered head injuries, with the injured being carried to ambulances stationed nearby, said Ahram Online’s reporter on the ground.

    Meanwhile, buses transporting Brotherhood supporters to Mokattam were torched by protesters.

    Mokattam residents, for their side, formed ad hoc neighbourhood watch committees to secure their areas in case clashes reach their homes. Some residents encouraged anti-Brotherhood protesters from nearby buildings, chanting against the Islamist group from their balconies.

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