Re edit of the propaganda piece on British girls being asked to wear Islamic uniforms for a week

One can almost smell the Marxism in this piece. It is exactly as valid as if they told black students in the deep south to wear KKK vestments for a week without telling them anything whatsoever about the Klan or its history in order to create sympathy for the Klan by its victims. Disgusting bordering on criminal.

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9 Replies to “Re edit of the propaganda piece on British girls being asked to wear Islamic uniforms for a week”

  1. I don’t know which is worse, the girls being ask to wear those or the comments by the brainwashed girls who are agreeing to wear moslem clothing.

  2. stealthy overtaking of our western society. It never fails to amaze me how gullible these brainless university students can be. A simple test would show this hypocrisy likadee split. Ask the Muslim women to wear a nice bikini for a day. I bet that would go over well . . .

  3. I laughed at the,…” we are normal people” bit, normal people don’t go around dressed as Batman,and you are correct ramjam,this is one way they have of breaking down the weaker members of our Western Society…step by step.

  4. I wonder what would happen if the muslims girls were made to remove their headscarves and wear yellow stars – would people stare?
    Of course – any form of official slave ID would cause free women like myself to wonder whether they were freely trampelling on everything women have fought for for 150 years, or whether they were coorced.

  5. How about leg irons. Wear those for a week. After all, Islamofascists are the most seditious and most deadly violent people on the planet, seeking only to destroy every national government and every national constitution. Islamofascism spreads using what is called “infiltration,” “subversion,” “conversion,” “coercion,” “sabotage,” “kidnapping,” “extortion,” “bribery,” “manipulation,” “mass hypnosis,” “the Internet,” “peer pressure,” “forced conformity,” “forced rote memorization,” “extreme indoctrination,” “destruction of individuality,” “prevention of individuation,” “brutal punishment and maiming of children,” “terrorization,” “death threats,” and of course beheadings, immolations, electrocution, and so forth.

  6. Look at it this way. Islamofascists cannot set up on campus and just start removing heads willy-nilly with inappropriate farm tools.

    No, they first install their Muslim rights groups, their CAIR, their Islamic Studies departments, and so forth. Nobody, especially no one in a university environment, would tend to object to such things.

    After all, for example, Islam virulently and viciously opposes freedom of religion for absolutely everyone, but on campus, they seek all students’s support for the “freedom of religion” for Islamists.

    “Yes, of course, I support freedom of religion, of course Muslims have the right to practice their religion, have their mosques etc.” the students say. So, that’s all well and good.

    But when you look into it, it turns out Muslims want freedom of religion for all, as long as all are Muslim, and have killed off everyone else. That’s what Muslims learn in the Koran. They learn to eliminate all other faiths, beliefs and philosophies, and they learn to eliminate all those who adhere to those other beliefs and systems of thought.

    Therefore, what you see on university campuses are the forerunners and the leading-edge promoters of Islam. These are all simply “front groups,” which soften up the “enemy” they are infiltrating, subverting, and working to overthrow.

    Wearing the Hijab or whatever you call them, is a symbol of your submission to the infiltration process, a first step in your own destruction, and a symbol of your willful ignorance of the actual situation.

    Muslim women voluntarily survived childhood and Islamic hypnotic programming, vicious beatings, etc.; that is the extent of their “voluntary” choosing of the Hijab. Remember, publicly removing the Hijab in a Muslim culture is tantamount to suicide: You can be beheaded for it.

    By the way, the Hijab and the black beanbag outfits (“ghoul” uniforms) are ideal for hiding bruises, bumps, scars, and wounds from prying eyes. Not wearing these “ghoul” suits in a Muslim society can mean instantaneous execution, death by stoning, loss of limbs, loss of head.

    • The mind of an Islamic predator is to wilfully deceive and destroy all form of what they once were; the uncelebrated miracle of their journey to birth that was immediately called to submission.

      Muslims are afraid of life, and hanker for an heavenly one; no less than those who follow the teachings of New Age with a hollowed-earth and a reclusive superior alien species residing within.

      This keeps them both happy, and once made junkies sold on falsehoods, it is the job of the Imams and Priestesses to keep them unhappy by pointing at the disbelieving kuffar.

      When you meet a Muslim you find a dead soul – that part of them that could identify a prophet… because they should have been a prophet to0.
      All Muslims are not prophets. This has been their imprisonment.

      When you meet a New-Ager you find a dead spirit – that part of them that could identify imaginings… because they could imagine too.
      All New Agers are dim witted and unimaginative, low self esteem, ready to jump into each other’s identities to find a better promised life.

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