BBC staff told: Don’t wash your feet in the sink!

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London Loves Business:

1 February 2013 | By Asa Bennett


Standards have sunk to a new low at the BBC as workers in the News Department are knee deep in battling a hygiene crisis.

Health and safety experts have stepped in to check everyone is toeing the line, putting up a sign in the new Broadcasting House offices’ kitchen warning staff not to wash their feet in the sink.

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  1. Kitchen staff washing their feet in the sink, where in the kitchens??? I’ve heard of verbal diarrea but veral athleats foot?

  2. The culturally traditional stand on the seat and crouch to use the toilet in the same manner as a “hole in the ground” toilet. Watch out for muddy footprints.
    There may be trouble flushing the “odd number of smooth stones”.

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    there is a video of the event :

  4. You would think the BBC ‘Slums would be afraid of being buggered while so posed by some BBC pedo wandering around the halls.

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