Leftist media reports on anti-profiling protest.

Thanks to The Observer for this one. So much wrong its hard to know where to start. For one thing, asking a child what she thinks about a complex political problem will give you fairly predictable results.

The video below is a reaction to this story as detailed by Tundra Tabloids. Also, calling an illegal alien an ‘undocumented visitor’ is a lot like calling a rapist an ‘unexpected date’.

The title of the video below would be more accurate if it read: “Violent illegals being deported while morons idiotically protest”

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4 Replies to “Leftist media reports on anti-profiling protest.”

  1. The left wants to be like the Red Queen, they want the words to mean what they say and not what they really mean. If we let them take control of the language we have lost.

    What most people forget is that the original racial profiling case was stopping speeders to search their cars for drugs, after this policy was stopped the amount of drugs making it into New York city doubled if not tripled. The protesters are against racial profiling because if used properly it works to catch criminals.

  2. This is another example of the worst kind of demonstrations ever held by the idiots on the left. Using children in such demonstration shows a total lack of intelligence on their part. In my book this is child abuse – pure and simple.

  3. It’s called lambs to the slaughter. All well meaning enough and hard to fault and will continue to be until they, as elderly people, find they are living in a despotic theocratic state and wonder what happend and try to reason why their grand daughters are scheduled for public stoning for being raped.

  4. When I was a kid the expression do gooder was common, a do gooder wanted to do good but everything they did made the situation worse, that is what these people are, do gooders.

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