Some news links for March 10 2013

1. British economics school revokes invitation to Hindu leader, invites 2 Jihadis instead

2. Photos of rabid Muslim mob torching Christian homes

3. Virgin Air apologizes to military over denying right to wear uniform onboard

4. England wastes millions on interpreters who don’t even speak English. At this stage, for many many non-British immigrants, England must seem a total joke. Even to many who live there.

5. Photo of Christian homes ablaze in Pakistan. I have it from a Christian Pakistani I am in touch with directly that over 178 Christian homes have been burned and destroyed.

Christian homes burning in Pakistan

6. US signs 190M$ grant deal with Egypt

7. Foreign nurse hiring freeze in UK. “No idea how many lied and used fake ID”

8. Many more riots over lost appeal for deaths incurred in previous soccer riots. Offices set ablaze.

9. China beefs up water safety after 900 pigs found floating in river.

10. British Hostage killed after Muslim kidnappers heard UK aircraft in area for rescue.

11. 50% of South Sudanese girls in forced marriages

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