Football fans’ racist taunts reflect resurgent anti-Semitism, anti-Roma feeling in Hungary

Irish Times:


BUDAPEST LETTER: Hungary will play probably its most important football match of 2013, an event that should have unified the nation instead highlighting its deep divisions, in a silent stadium of empty seats.

Fifa ruled this month that Hungary must play its crucial World Cup qualifier against fierce rivals Romania next month behind closed doors, as punishment for what football’s governing body called “abhorrent” anti-Semitic chanting by Hungary supporters during a friendly against Israel last August.

Hungary’s football association is to appeal against the decision, and the far-right political party Jobbik intends to hold a rally outside the stadium during the March 22nd fixture to show support for the national team and protest against the ban.

Jobbik’s rapid rise has alarmed many in Hungary and abroad, who see it as a symptom of resurgent anti-Semitism and anti-Roma feeling in the country. Its promise of simple, radical solutions for Hungary’s economic and social problems is proving popular, however; Jobbik is the third-largest group in parliament and is particularly strong in Hungary’s poor provinces and among young people disillusioned by the corruption and cronyism of the mainstream political elite.

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2 Replies to “Football fans’ racist taunts reflect resurgent anti-Semitism, anti-Roma feeling in Hungary”

  1. It’s not like they will play with the Gypsies , if they want to say all Romanians are gypsies that is too bad for them . There are full of Romanians buying houses in Hungary at this time so they should get used to it. Also there are plenty of Hungarians living in Romania . My friends are Hungarian-Romanian . We never ever have anything against Hungarians besides the Treznea massacre against Romanians and some Jews. They cut pregnant women’s belly in half and murdered the village people with no mercy .
    Oh well maybe Hitler had relatives in Hungary !

  2. Jews were in Europe before the Hungarians. I think the east europeans love the EU. They know they can export their centuries old Roma problem to the UK and France.

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