State Investigation Launched After Students Dress in Burqas

It would appear that it is getting harder and harder for nations’ mass media to pretend the islamic issue is not one that requires coverage. Clearly more and more stories in ALL WALKS OF LIFE and in all nations deal with the unpleasnatries of Islam, or pathetic and fascist attempts to stem the tide of unfavorable reactions to the effects of Muslims in our societies


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FOX News:

By Todd Starnes

A Texas lawmaker is launching an investigation after a teacher reportedly invited female students to dress up in Islamic garb and then told her classroom they should call Muslim terrorists – freedom fighters.


State Sen. Dan Patrick, chairman of the senate education committee, told Fox News he is very disturbed by the photograph as well as reports that students were exposed to a story that blamed Egypt’s turmoil on democracy – rather than the Muslim Brotherhood.

“Parents are very sensitive to any issue that seems to be anti-American – that blames democracy for some sort of trouble in the world,” he said.

A Texas mom became outraged after she discovered a Facebook photo of her child wearing Islamic garb.

A Texas mom became outraged after she discovered a Facebook photo of her child wearing Islamic garb.

The lesson on Islam was taught in a world geography class at Lumberton High School. The teacher brought burqas and other Islamic clothing for the female students to wear. They were also assigned to write an essay based on a Washington Post story that blamed Egypt’s troubles on democracy – instead of the Muslim Brotherhood.

“I am outraged,” one of the parents, who asked not to be identified, told Fox News. “I felt my blood pressure go through my head.”

The parent said she was not aware of the lesson until she discovered a photograph of her 14-year-old daughter wearing a burqa on Facebook.

“As parents we should have been made aware this

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14 Replies to “State Investigation Launched After Students Dress in Burqas”

  1. So they talked about Islam but not Christianity yet people say there not trying to push Islam on the West tt just gets better and better these far left people.

  2. To be clear i am not saying this school is pushing Islam but when you talk about one and not the other that will not go over well and in general the far left say there not trying to push Islam and maybe there not but this does not look good.

  3. Meet Rev. Jamie Hamilton, the defender of Islam in US

    ‘Qur’an has made me a better person, a better Christian, and a better priest’ — clergywoman, a scholar of comparative religion, who among her courses, teaches Introduction to Islam to 10th graders.

    Once I realized that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was preaching to all people of the book, ahl al kitab, and that I was part of his community, I listened more carefully to his call to submit and recognized his desire for all to be humble, peaceful and intentional.

    “the Holy Qur’an has a lot to offer people as it gives them structure, guidelines and purpose, “instead of just being focused on material things.”

    “The contemplation of the verses of the Qur’an has helped me deepen my faith.”

    Keeping in view the tragedy of Sept. 11 that maligned the image of Islam and brought Islam into the headlines of the US media, I would like to know how you managed to convince yourself and the community of the importance of understanding a religion that was accused in a way of committing that act of terror? What were the reactions of your colleagues, family, friends and students?

    It wasn’t until I started preparing for my talks did I realize that I really knew nothing about Islam. Not really. I could list the major tenets of the religion, and I could discuss the importance of prayer, fasting and the Haj, but unlike all my other work with the different world religions, I had not read the scripture, the history or the scholars’ theology of Islam. I had no real depth of understanding. I was ignorant, and without even being aware of my bias, I had treated Islam as a stepchild to the other world religions.[…]

    I made a pledge, especially after the Sept. 11 terror attacks that I had to confront my ignorance. It was my responsibility. And in my own small way, this promise and commitment would be my stance against the power and horror of men in planes hijacking their own religion, as well as my oath against their attempts to use me as a pawn in their political maneuverings. I wasn’t going to let them win. And I wasn’t going to let the bereft nature of my own education rule my bearings.

    I understand that you see the Qur’an as a “life guidebook”? When did you reach that conclusion? Please substantiate your answers with examples from the Qur’an?

    […]Some of my favorite surahs and ayats, I carry around my neck, just as my destiny has been tied to my neck (17:13) and the words from the Qur’an have become part of my morning prayers, just as the scripture from Moses and Jesus are.

    a lot more on the page :

  4. Islam and geography. A nice combination. Use it the right way by learning about all of the territories that were overun, raped and pillaged way back when by a guy called Mohammed and his band of brigands. There is a lot of geography in that story.

  5. Geography is not Islam.
    The first lesson about Islam is that it is spread through conquest, aggression, dispossession and mass murder.

  6. The most idiotic part of Rev Hamilton’s interview is the last paragraph

    “I was greeted with the warmest welcome in Saudi Arabia. Introduced to committed educators, passionate entrepreneurs, families and steadfast believers, I had the wonderful opportunity and privilege to talk about hopes and dreams that are dear to all who care about issues of faith, opportunity, education and peace. By taking tours through private and public schools, by listening to students in their classrooms, by sitting with government ministers and school administrators and by reading strategic position papers, I became engaged with your commitment to put student learning at the heart of Saudi Arabia’s goal to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

    By witnessing many creative initiatives that range from new kindergarten classes, global scouting, innovative cultural festivities and the embrace of the latest teaching technologies, I was impressed by a people committed to transforming ideas into the reality of shaping leaders, who know how to acquire knowledge, to innovate, and to serve as catalysts for a world in desperate need for cooperation and partnerships. An example of inspired global leadership is the King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz International Center for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue (KAICIID), which was recently opened in Vienna, Austria. The KAICIID is taking a timely and critical lead in bringing religious leaders of all faiths together in order to first discover a mutual understanding of what we, as global citizens, hold in common that transcends cultural and ethnic identity, and then secondly to design programs that enrich our capacity to live in the vision of respect and dignity, because we have been, “created out of a male and female into nations and tribes in order that you might come to know one another” (49:13).

    I learned more about KAICCID, while visiting the Riyadh-based King Abdulaziz National Dialogue Center, which is doing important work on the ground, village by village, to confront misconceptions of the “other” and to give new language and new ways of understanding differences. Coming together to know each other is a holy act. The capacity of our heart can be measured by the breadth of our horizons as we look beyond ourselves and discover that whether you live in Saudi Arabia, America, China, India, Brazil, Kenya, or Turkey, informed citizens of the world will demand ways for all of us to embrace dignity, honor and peace.”

    Is she so blind as to not question why there is no KAICIID in Saudi Arabia itself? There is no religious freedom in Saudi Arabia at all, there is no tolerance for other cultures and practices at all in Saudi Arabia. What have the Saudi’s done to educate Saudis on understanding and respecting religious and racial and ethnic differences? How have Saudis learned to look beyond themselves? There is no country more xenophobic, and bigoted than Saudi Arabia and the Saudis are the last people on earth to lead anyone or be the catalysts on religious tolerance or any form of tolerance. The only purpose of KAICIID in Austria is a selfish one – so Westerners will have a lovely (false) image of Islam and Muslims that has taken a beating since so many Muslims have engaged in terrorism that is financed by many Saudis.

  7. Islam and geography do mix:
    “Here is where people like to throw acid at little girls.”
    “Here is where people like to rape women, then bury them up to their chest in the ground, and then throw stones at them until they die.”
    …and so on.

  8. ‘I was greeted with the warmest welcome in Saudi Arabia.’

    Really? So you didn’t know about the ban on wearing a cross in public? Or not being allowed to set foot in Mecca and Medina? Or walk about as a woman without being covered ankle to neck? Or even walk alone ? Or walk around with a male who wasn’t a close relative? Or visit a church anywhere in the country? Or risk being accused of trying to convert Muslims and beheaded if you dared say anything about Christianity in public?

    Only a smug arrogant idiot who believed their own interpretation of Islam was the true one and blinds themselves to anything that contradicts this blinkered view could spout such nonsense.

    Taffyincanada Lol Islam and Geography – how appropriate that would be and what better way to expose the so called ‘religion of peace’ for what it is.

  9. The biggest rot joke of the year. Muslim terrorists = Freedom fighters.!!!… Has this country gone mad ? .Allowing this kind of nonsense to be played out in our schools by some teachers who display such extreme retardation ?. Or is there some hidden agenda here that need to be investigated and exposed ?.

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