Khalid Mahmood: ‘Spy cameras should have stayed’

Typical. We enact measures that restrict our own freedoms and civil liberties for greater security due to a threat which is overwhelmingly from the Muslim community, and then we exempt the Muslims from having to endure those inconveniences. Just like airport security in Montreal where Muslims in burkas can sail through security which the rest of us have to endure annoyance and humiliation.

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One of the cameras An independent report into Project Champion was highly critical of the scheme and the police

An MP has said more than 200 so-called “spy” cameras which were put up in largely Muslim areas of Birmingham should never have been removed.

Khalid Mahmood said the cameras, called Project Champion, would have been an “effective tool” in helping security services track terror suspects.

The cameras, which were removed in late-2010 after never being switched on, sparked protests from residents.

An independent report was highly critical of the scheme and the police.

Mr Mahmood’s comments came after three men from the city were convicted on Thursday of plotting a suicide bomb attack which they said would rival 9/11 or the 7 July bombings.

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2 Replies to “Khalid Mahmood: ‘Spy cameras should have stayed’”

  1. No they shouldn’t have been removed, I personally don’t like the idea of the government putting up Orwell’s “eye” around the cities but it they are going to do so they need to put them in all neighborhoods.

  2. Just like the Speed Cameras and Police High risk Accident spots,if they think crime Cameras are needed in certain areas then switch the fuckers on, if they did’nt think there was any need for them they would’nt be in existence,simple answer show the muzzies the Stats,probabaly find that they’ll ALL wear the headbags after it gets dark.

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