Muslim missionaries blast British ‘mosquebusting’ lawyer’s message

Interestingly, what takes place within mosques is in fact a hate-crime according to Canadian law. And I don’t mean a BS HRC hate crime like refusing to give a man who has had cosmetic surgery to look like a woman a labiaplasty. I mean a real criminal one like constant counseling of violent overthrow of the Canadian democracy by jihad and of course, the old favorite, genocide of the Jews. At least according to FBI stats in the US.

So this article is a lot like Germans complaining about stopping a Nazi community and education center being built in Don Mills. Even so, I have edited many Gavin speeches and interviewed him myself not to mention watched all the videos of his planning-council appearances I could find and to be honest there is very little he says that is different than what any decent citizen would say if they were talking about an auto-body shop. That it is not in keeping with the area, that the consequences of opening this kind of facility fundamentally changes an area it is in in ways not listed by the applicant but is demonstrably true etc. And if it wasn’t about a Muslim thing, it would never have even made the news.

If Gavin should not be allowed to speak in Western nations attempting to preserve even the vestigial freedoms we appreciate if not fight for, then by that token no Mosque should exist at all.

Eeyore for Vlad.

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Ottawa Citizen:

Muslim missionaries blast British ‘mosquebusting’ lawyer’s message

Imtiaz Ahmed and Mahammad Afzal Mirza spoke to a meeting of Ottawa Muslims Saturday to dispute the ‘mosquebusting’ tactics and views of British lawyer Gavin Boby.

Photograph by: Jean Levac , Ottawa Citizen/Postmedia News

OTTAWA — ‘Mosquebusting’ techniques espoused by a well-known British lawyer at an Ottawa speech earlier this month are akin to hate speech and should not have been allowed, a small group from Ottawa’s Muslim community heard at the Ottawa Public Library main branch Saturday.

Gavin Boby, who has gained notoriety for his messages on techniques to prevent the construction of new mosques, spoke at library on Feb. 4.

His criticisms of mosques, and Islam in general, were slammed by Muslim missionaries Saturday, who said Boby’s assessment of their religion and their places of worship is akin to hate speech and should never have been permitted to happen.

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  1. Once again Islam proves to be incapable of accepting any criticism and refuses to tolerate other view points, an attitude that is shared by the left.

  2. So this man is doing a good job, so how do the Muslims try and stop him? By their typical tricks, taqiyya, cry-babying and a little ad hominem.

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