If Mohamed is the perfect example for all Muslims to follow….

1. Mohamed when his thug army broke its own peace deal with Mecca after 2 years (the peace deal was for 10 years after Mohamed lost his first attempt to violently overthrow the people and culture of Mecca) and broke in to the Kabaa and then destroyed all the statues of the various deities and avatars that the highly-cosmopolitan people of that city state worshipped. Al 360 declaring that all religion should be for his sky-friend, ‘allah.

2. Muslims are taught, and it is part of Islamic central dogma, that Mohamed is a perfect human being, in many ways making him more of a supernatural force and avatar than Christians make of Jesus, and teach that the example of the actions of Mohamed are to be copied and followed in every way possible.

So how can it be a psychiatric issue when a person does exactly that in a European church? This person is merely an unusually devout Muslim.

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Translation: Bear from THIS web site

A 24 year old Moroccan was stopped at Strasbourg due to suspicion of having degraded statues in a church and to have deposited a prayer mat and a koran stolen from a mosque.

placed under arrest on thursday the suspect recognized these facts. He will be submitted to psychiatric evaluation. According to the priest of the targeted church situated in the center of Strasbourg, he would likely be affected by mental issues.

the man suspected of having toppled 15 statues. ”he has written ‘allah hu akbar’ (god is the greatest) in arabic in clay notably under the statues, and put a coran on a desk ” specified the priest.

the man had confused  those responssible of the great mosque of Strasbourg that had noticed many times that he had stolen objects from the mosque including the prayer mat of the Imam had indicated on their end one of the leaders of the mosque.

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