Here is an interesting article and video on gun control from the Blaze

It is getting harder and harder to tell the difference between paranoid nuttery and calm rational analysis by experts today. Not by the speaker but by the content. More and more people from solid backgrounds and what could be said to be the most rational and classically conservative of thinkers are beginning to say things that in the 1980s would have been grounds for forced psychiatric observation. Could Obama and his administration really be attempting to undermine the US constitution and individual liberties? Just because he said that the constitution was an outdated document and promised to fundamentally change America? I mean those were juts hollow campaign slogans like New World Order and so on, right? I mean that is what STRATFOR said.

Check this out. Please leave comments with your thoughts.

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  1. Very well thought out. Very well said. A nice breath of fresh air after listening to the blubbering idiot Piers Morgan and his diatribe night after night. Common sense and sanity are well and expressed clearly within the NRA. Again, too bad the Washington elites are not listening.

  2. I don’t think any rational person has ever accused Wayne LaPierre of being a nut job, yet here he is sounding like the conspiracy nuts I have always avoided. I have always know the gun control groups wanted to totally disarm us but this is the first time I have thought they would really try.

  3. I never believed conspiracy theories. THEY were for lefty nut jobs, but it has dawned on me over the last few years that SOMETHING is going on: EVERY country in the Anglosphere and western europe collectively taking leave of their senses ? Every single one of them destroying themselves in EXACTLY the same way – MASSIVE suicidal rates of immigration, which is completely swamping the indigenous culture, every one continuing despite massive unemployment and associated welfare costs which are bankrupting those countries, THAT much is obvious to an idiot,, EVEN when it has gone far, far beyond reason, still having the establishment figures standing up and telling us we need MORE immigration. EVERY SINGLE ONE adopting political correctness, which in itself flies in the face of all reason, to stifle any opposition.EVERY SINGLE ONE discriminating AGAINST their own citizens, whilst, at the same time covering up and excusing the most heinous crimes of the incomers, with the compliance of the media, ACROSS THE BOARD – IN EVERY COUNTRY – NOT ONE VOICE OF DISSENT – ANYWHERE – IN ANY COUNTRY!. AND no difference IN ANY OF THOSE COUNTRIES – no matter which party is in power !
    The US and France UK arming and supporting with air power muslim fanatics to take over Egypt, Libya, Syria.
    SO, the lunacy of all this has set me thinking: Gun bans in Great Britain.
    1) Hand gun ban: man runs amok in a school, kills a load of kids, turns the gun on himself.
    2)Automatic rifle ban: Man runs amok in a small village shooting everyone in sight, turns the gun on himself.
    In both cases no wounded left to tell the tale.No perpetrator to explain his actions.
    Britain, as far as I can remember has NEVER EVER had a shooting spree of this type before or since.
    In the U.S. The Sandy Hook and the cinema shootings are just too convenient. I’ve had a look at the youtube conspiracy vids and I am ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED, not a shadow of a doubt that the shootings were either faked, or, even worse, twenty odd people were murdered by the authorities.
    This set me thinking more – 9/11. Again, the evidence is overwhelming, I’d always thought truthers were mad !
    So I hope the American people not only hang on to their guns, but use them to reconquer their country because they are our only hope

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