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8 Replies to “Leftists and anti-free speech people protest Geert Wilders talk in Australia”

  1. They ALWAYS say they know of someone who’s had their hijab ripped off their head. Kinda odd how that seems to happen all the time and in every country yet I’ve never seen it happen ever and have never heard anyone besides a islamist activist who has seen or known anyone it’s happened to.

    Why is it only ever islamic activists who seem to know people who this has happened to? No security footage no arrests for assault- nuthin.

    Not even cameraphone footage.

    Could it be that they’re fibbing?

  2. The protesters are a major concern. One has to express concern for the future of the human race as a whole with people that thick walking among us… Struth! 21,000 Islamic terrorist attacks and rising – all mean nothing to them… WTF?

  3. Boy, these sort of events always bring out the brightest sort of people don’t they? Have you ever seen such a finer looking group of takers, slobs, poor me types, poor them types, and grazing bleaters in your life? Who are they? Occupy Melbourne?

  4. They all look like a bunch of tramps that have been commandeered for the price of a few cans of special brew,wouldn’t surprise if that was true.

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