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8 Replies to “Scandinavian news clip on the attempted assassination of Lars Hedigaard 10 min clip”

  1. OK……let me get this straight…

    Lars Hedegaard, a key figure in the war against the cancer of Islam, doesn’t have a small video camera hidden out of sight near the entrance to his residence?

    Houston…….I think we have a problem……this of course raises the question as to the local gun laws……obviously with all guns registered in the gunphobic Euro-Zone……it should be a cinch to track down the killer……(sarc mine)

    Smarten up Lars!!!!….

    Regards, Don Laird

  2. We have heard nothing here about this whole – so typical – assassination attempt at free speech. So thank you Vlad Tepes for being such an intrepid broadcaster of – unfortunately more often than not bad – truths that the herd will not touch.

  3. All you need to know about what’s wrong in Europe today is shown by the female interviewing Lars. He tells her that when the gun jammed he punched the guy in the face, and she asks:

    “Why is it, do you think, that makes you attack … how could you react like that?”

    As if to say: “This man was a foreigner, and yet you chose to assault him! – aren’t you leaving yourself open to a charge of racism?”

    It seems that the concept of self-defence is incredible to these folks.

  4. Like Kurt Westergaard, who was attacked in his home by an axe wielding jihadi, Lars obviously needs and deserves round the clock police protection. If that’s too expensive, then maybe it’s time to call out this malignant faux religion for what it really is. It wouldn’t be difficult in the least. Their own “holy books” utterly expose and condemn them. We need only stop sheltering them under the giant umbrella of our tolerance and WHOMP, down comes their evil house of cards around their sorry asses.

  5. @ OxAO

    “how did they get his address?”

    Uriasposten ( http://www.uriasposten.net/archives/44856 ) have a post about it.
    The interesting part is here :

    “Kim Poulsen gjorde mig opmærksom på det i sommeren 2011, og jeg gravede i sagen. Den er hostet af Blogspot, havde kun to posteringer, og bar umiskendelig præg af kliken omkring den nu slettede hadeside Urius Oregon. Udover Kim Poulsen, så var målet Lars Hedegaard. Bloggen er stadig online, her 3,5 år efter, trods det faktum at Kim Poulsen anmeldte siden den 6. juni 2011.”

    In English :

    ‘Kim Poulsen ( A Danish blogger ) made me aware of it in the summer 2011, and I investigated the case. It is hosted by blogspot, had only two entries, and had the unmistakable mark of the people around the now deleted hate site “Urius Oregon”. Both Kim Poulsen and Lars Hedegaard was the target.
    The blog is still online, 3.5 years after, in spite of the fact that Kim Poulsen notified the authorities back in June 6, 2011.’

    You see, Denmark and the Danes are not prepared for any kind of attack on institutions or people so we live, regarding security, as we did 30 years ago.

  6. Thanks for that Santor. I was wondering the same thing.

    Have a look at this in connection with the forthcoming visit of Geert Wilders in Australia:

    And the venue owners have chickened out at the last minute so it’s not even sure that Mr. Wilders will be speaking in Sydney. I have never been sooooooooooooooooooooooooo sure about who are the baddies here.

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