More signs of the presence of Hezbollah

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Support in Mérida for people presumably                             associated with islamists


Labboun Rafic Mohammed, the Muslim cleric allegedly linked to Hezbollah and a fugitive from U.S. justice who was arrested in Merida on September 8, 2012, arrived in Yucatan services through a network of Lebanese government officials in collusion with Belizeans, who gave him a fake passport from that country.

As we reported at the time, upon his arrest by officers of the Public Security Secretariat Yucatecan government, Labboun exhibited a Belizean passport in the name of Wilhelm Dyck, a Mennonite child born in that country in February 1976 who died two months later. A driver’s license was issued in the same name.

Yesterday we reported that Razur Antonio Elias, the director of the Mexican Drug Observatory investigating Islamist organizations associated with Mexican drug traffickers and their possible ramifications in the Yucatan Peninsula, said that this group of people offered Belizean passports for $ 25,000, with a birth certificate and fake driver’s license. In addition to these documents, the group organizes the transfer of these people with forged documents through Mexican territory to the U.S. border, where the city of Merida, it seems, is key to the logistics.

The detention of a Lebanese with a Belizean passport has set off alarm bells. Although Labboun Rafic Mohammed, arrested in September in Mérida, is a radical Islamist hardliner and a er of Ayatollah Khomeini, the U.S. authorities had failed to demonstrate his links with Hezbollah terrorist activity, until recently. Tracks New data from this case, however, point to the possible presence of the Islamic group backed by Iran and Syria in some areas of the Yucatan Peninsula.

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  1. “a Belizean passport in the name of Wilhelm Dyck, a Mennonite child born in that country in February 1976”

    I’ve had a nagging suspicion all along that it was the Mennonites who hi jacked beautiful Islam.

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