Child-sex attacker can’t be deported because his African tribe is ‘persecuted’

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Daily Mail:

  • Jumaa Kater Saleh, 24, arrived in UK in 2004 hidden in a lorry
  • He was convicted of having sex with a 13-year-old girl in May 2008
  • Judge said today it was ‘not possible’ to deport him back to Sudan
  • Saleh attempted to claim damages for unlawful detention

By Jack Doyle and Ryan Kisiel

PUBLISHED: 13:20 EST, 25 January 2013 | UPDATED: 20:54 EST, 25 January 2013

An African migrant who lured a vulnerable schoolgirl to a house for sex cannot be deported – because he is a member of a  ‘persecuted tribe’.

Jumaa Kater Saleh, 24, was convicted as part of a predatory sex gang for the ‘deliberate, targeted abuse of a young and vulnerable girl’, who was aged 13 at the time.

But he was allowed to remain in  Britain under human rights law because he faced mistreatment if sent back  to Sudan.

Saleh was a member of the Zaghawa tribe, which was subject to widespread persecutionSaleh was a member of the Zaghawa tribe, which was subject to widespread persecution (not pictured here)

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4 Replies to “Child-sex attacker can’t be deported because his African tribe is ‘persecuted’”

  1. But Firsat is to be deported though he himself not any tribe faces persecution and death in his former homeland because he did a movie questioning his former faith. If anyone else did a similar movie questioning any other faith their legal status in a country would not be revoked. Such a thought would even be considered ludicrous.

  2. Wait a cotton pikkin moment. How the hell do they know what tribe he’s really a member of?

    All they have is his word for it. The word of a pedophile who lured a little girl somewhere he could rape her. His word is worth diddly squat.

    He’s gaming the system. Everyone involved knows it and they are letting him.

    Let’s forget for a moment that he is a lying sack. Why on earth is “being persecuted” a good enough justification for avoiding deportation. I thought it was direct threat of murder or torture only.

    We’re talking about Africa, where EVERYONE is frikkin persecuted. He won’t be able to get a good job when he goes home? As an ex convict pedophile rapist he won’t get a good job here either so so what.

    If I was fat short and bald I’d be just as persecuted in the job market. If that was the case my retirement plan would be to go to England and commit a crime.

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