The ‘Balkanization’ of England and Western nations, and the cost of Islamic immigration “A Muslim patrol”

UPDATE: ‘Ben Dover’ informed me that this video was pulled for YT terms reasons. Here is TY’s explanation for the removal:


One has to agree. This was fully intended to harass, bully and threaten. However it is crucial that people who are unaware of Islam’s true nature see this so they may know that is the nature of the thing. In that spirit please see my subtle re edit of the original video below.


So what does it mean to have millions of Muslims in a nation, especially in an era of political correctness and moral and cultural relativism? Well here is a pretty good example of the latter stages of ‘No Go Zone’ creation, where the state cedes all sovereignty to hostiles and accepts the moderately paced erosion of the nation state, selectively applying all of its own laws only against the indigenous Western minded people to the advantage of the violent invaders. Why? Because governments prefer the illusion of peace and security even temporarily to the application of force on its own streets. Partially because of the ideology of those in charge, but likely just as much because of how the media will present it if the West fights back to enforce its own values on its own jurisdictions.

It could be added that the class with influence in England especially does not live anywhere near these “Muslim areas” and the class that does, is widely viewed as the great unwashed by the non-working class. And any attempt to even sound the alarm by the indigenous British who live in these areas are met with force due to the perversion of the constabulary from an organization that enforces British law, to one that guarantees political hegemony at the cost of British law.

H/T Gates of Vienna

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  1. Look on the bright side. Every single person who has been ‘stung’ by this Muslim intimidation is a new member of the counterjihad movement. Some of them may have been quite naive and politically correct until this happened. The problem is not numbers, we have plenty of those, the problem is waking up the sleeping.
    Notice also that the ‘Muslim patrol’ huddled around the mosque on quiet streets picking on only individuals or those in pairs.. Wait until they try this trick around busy pubs full of fight-hungry boozers. Even if they come out in larger numbers and take the pub customers on in a fight and win, the consequences will send out alarm bells around all the working classes in Britain. The war will then really start!
    They think that they are powerful already, but they are still under 10% of the population. The sooner they start their conquest the better, then people will really find out what they are like. The longer they leave it the harder it will be as their numbers will have grown. Their over-confidence will cause them to fight too soon.

  2. Torch Tip! Use bacon fat soaked rags as your light source come the “Scouring of the Shires”.

    Make sure the ‘Slums know it. Employ the garlic/vampire concept on the superstitious slaves of Satan.

  3. OT-UK – Qatar Prime Minister’s Daughter Linked to Prostitution Ring

    Islam Times – The Financial Times, a renowned British newspaper reported that the British Security Services had broken into a London apartment following concerns that the residence was used for terrorist activities, only to found that the premises were used for prostitution.

    The apartment which is owned by non-other than Salwa Hamad bin Jassim, the Qatari Prime Minister’s daughter, raised some serious question marks over the young woman’s moral standards and the nature of her activities when in the United Kingdom. According to witnesses Salwa was actually at the apartment in the company of a westerner.

    Although the Qatari embassy tried to prevent the scandal from seeing the light of day by offering $50 million to the paper, the Financial Times refused.

    Salwa :

  4. @mr Tees says:
    January 16, 2013 at 12:31 pm

    “Exactly what the cowardly English/British deserve.”

    i think you probably are a musturd or a leftist useful idiot.

  5. Thank you Eeyore, as I have said before things aer coming to a head and the ordinary people are going to do what the Government won’t.

  6. If this was a few years ago the police would take off their badges and administered such a beating to those guys that they would never presume to be the Muslim “Police” again. I don’t understand why, but they seem to have all the world leaders by the short hairs to the point that they are genuinely afraid to move against these monsters. I don’t get it. Why are all the governments in the world simply lying down before Islam? They don’t need to be…

  7. Yes, they are only 10% of the present population, but don’t forget they have the full support of the police and government.

    As the post above linking to Gates of Vienna proves, in any clash of cultures, the white Brits will be arrested and charged with racism.

    So sit down and shut up, Brits – you have been utterly defeated, and now you need to learn your proper place in the New World Order – as slaves. Something the Brits once believed they would never never would be. Ha!

  8. The police will only act against the host population! …..In the recent riots in England the police and media supported Sikhs and Muslims rights to defend their areas even allowing them to carry makeshift weapons. But when the EDL tried to defend their areas and families they were quickly and brutally dealt with by the political police service.

  9. ”they are only 10% of the present population”

    No, they are actually 5% of the population.

    ”So sit down and shut up, Brits”

    You are quite the keyboard warrior..

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