Norwegian TV debate between leftist and classical-Muslim community leader

Text provided by translator, The Observer:

This video clip is from the Norwegian state broadcaster NRK, and concerns the planned Al- Haddad seminar in Oslo this weekend hosted by It’s a debate between Audun Lysbakken, the leader of SV (Socialist left), and Fahad Qureishi, the leader of

In the clip Qureishi dismisses Lysbakken’s naïve claim that the majority of Muslims don’t agree with the views that Al-Haddad espouses, and he does so in a very clear and concise manner. The discussion is interesting because it shatters the view held by many leftist Norwegians that ‘radical’ Muslims are bearded fanatics who salivate and scream their lungs out at rallies and rant at obscure sites on the internet. Fahad Qureishi, the leader of, is very calm. In this interview he delivers a clear and unambiguous message that can’t really be misinterpreted: there is only one Islam — and it is very evil and undemocratic.

We need more TV appearances like this one. Let honest Muslims explain what Islam really is, and spare us the politically sanitized version by leftist apologists and other useful idiots about what they want Islam to be. Also pay particular attention to the very subtle threat at the end of the clip where Qureishi admonishes Lysbakken to select his words more carefully when he refers to Islam. And, by the way, Qureishi wasn’t assaulted by any left-wing brownshirt thugs when he left the building, which would surely have been the case if members of SIAN or the NDL had appeared on the show and presented similar material about this sinister political ideology.

I wonder if Qureishi is guilty of ‘Islamophobia’ in the eyes of the leftists?

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  1. “Qureishi”- from the tribe of the Qureish, Muhammad’s tribe. Think about it.

    Why would an Indian, a Punjabi (now Paki) who’s ancestors were forcibly converted to Islam from Buddhism or Hinduism, call himself ‘Qureishi’, suggesting a direct bloodline to the profit of Islam?

    One more nail in the coffin of Islamic imperialism and supremacism.

  2. If this is an example of the best they can do in a debate aganst a demonstrably lying theocrat – or perhaps I should say, if this is the best the State will allow to take place – then that nation is already lost.

  3. What a classic interview! How long will it take before soft middle class leftists blockheads realise they have engineered their own demise? As has been common knowledge for some time our enricher brethren will soon be in the majority in Oslo. Therefore, tell me o enlightened liberal, what is the meaning of ‘our values’ in a Muslim majority society? There is no need for violence from the enrichers to introduce Sharia – though they will. They can achieve their goals via the maternity ward, the arrival lounge and the ballot box. Norway, like every other country in Europe can look forward to all the glories of Islamic culture, currently only available via sickening videos on the internet.

  4. I guess this guy is made of teflon. The reality of what his enemy is saying seems to just slide off him. Notice that if you consider Socialism, Communism as a religion, it all fits. When told by someone who should know, the attitude of the majority of devout Muslims, he responds he “does not believe” it is true.
    Unable to see past the viral meme infecting his mind, he’ll whistle the same old tune as they lead him out to his grave pit.
    There was nothing in this interview that seemed to actually affect the suicidal guy.; you could see the unpalatable facts flowing past.
    In Civil Wars it is good to remember that the ruthless most often win. Like Lenin’s rivals, the soft left will still be debating as they are lead out to be shot.
    Instructive, very instructive.

  5. Blindguard:

    I would say you have isolated the important aspect of this clip. It was almost like watching a child cover his ears and make silly noises. No amount of actual evidence would deter this socialist from his fantasy about Islam and divergence from reality that large is very often fatal.

  6. Blindguard nailed one of the two real scary things about this video, the other is how strong the Moslem community must feel for the Moslem to set there and calmly state that all the leftist is opposing is a basic part of Islam and that all practicing Moslems believe in them. The must feel very strong and secure for this to happen.

  7. Speaking of leftist apologists, revisionism of American history marches on
    Huffington Post likens “Prophet Muhammad” to George Washington

    The comments in Huff Po are in some ways more interesting. Not only are Mohammed and Washington alike, the Constitution was influenced by the Koran, as Jefferson had his own copy of the Koran (never mind he had it because he wanted to understand why Muslims were killing Americans).

  8. It is interesting to note also that Qureishi makes the point that all Muslims believe in the things he preaches based on the ‘prophet’ Mo-ham-head, quickly correcting himself by stating that all Sunni Muslims believes.. . So the Shiites are not Muslims I guess. Talk about politicizing the ideology. A religion, I think not.

  9. The Breivik affair and the killing of yet another “messenger”.

    Here is what wikipedia wrote about it:

    “…In July 2012, Millet published Éloge littéraire d’Anders Breivik, a defense of the ideology of Anders Behring Breivik, a convicted Norwegian mass murderer,[2] as part of a collection of essays. In Éloge he asks why the Breivik case happened today, in Norway. He describes Breivik’s victims as “mixed-raced, globalized, uncultivated, social-democrat petit bourgeois.”[2] In the same essay, he also argues that the Norwegian massacre was the result of a weakened European identity, cultural decay, mass immigration and multiculturalism, and calls Breivik’s mass murders “formal perfection … in their literary dimension.”.[2] Referring to the controversy that followed, Millet stated “I’m one of the most hated French authors. It’s an interesting position that makes me an exceptional being.”[2] …

    I have just ordered the book to see for myself what Richard Millet REALLY said. He is a brilliant writer of many books. And, of course, he was run out of town, lost his job as editor @ Gallimard . In my, so far, only semi-informed opinion, just another killing of the Messenger. I have heard Millet saying again and again that his was NOT an “approval” of Breivik’s acts, but an “analysis” of his motivations.

  10. Oh, and the title of Richard Millet’s book which contains 3 essays, the last one being about 17 pages on Breivik, is “LANGUE FANTOME”. It’s well hidden among all the extensive attacks.

  11. @Rik Mayall – there is no doubt about Breivik’s madness, but – from the little I know – he was not so much concerned about giving a message, he really meant to kill a lot of people like the useful idiot interviewed above – (if there could be any rationality apportioned to his acts at all).- which he thought were guilty of facilitating the islamisation of his country. I dont know what would have been in his (probably tortured) mind, but perhaps he thought to nip that “evil” in the bud – and that is why he went for those very young labor/socialist people.

  12. @Rita people who commit mass murder in the manner Breivik did are usually looking for their 15 minutes of fame and are such non enities they can’t find it any other way.

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