Now here is some classic multicultural peace and love.

Yes its July 2010 but something tells me that they haven’t legalized gay marriage in the interim. These people seem concerned that Obama wants to bring ‘felching’ and ‘fisting’ to Africa. I think specifically Uganda. But still, when people talk about Multiculturalism they nearly never mean this do they?

The only culture that counts is classical liberalism and Western secular democracy.

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  1. hehehe 🙂 (google chrome doesn’t seem to translate smileys)…

    “…something tells me that they haven’t legalized gay marriage in the interim…

    LOL 🙂

    I find the delicacy of the speaker quite touching, when he sends the “children” out of the room, because its getting graphic. But not before he has told them in seemingly delightfull abandon that “they” are licking the poopoo out of the aaaaaaaiiiinus, like icecream, (some kids might try that at home).
    But the icing on that “cake” comes in the comment, posted on the U-tube:

    Skorpi00007 2 weeks ago blames youknowwho!:
    You know uganda and rest of africa didnt use to be so homophobic, it all just started a few 100 years ago. Being gay was so normal back then, I blame the western church

  2. I saw this a while back…..and laughed and laughed and laughed……and then I just watched it now……..and laughed and laughed and laughed….

    Personally, I am a realist and understand, looking at the quaint cave drawings, carvings, paintings and sculptures from ancient India, Greece and Rome that homosexuals have been around since the darkness that lay upon the waters…..and they have, up until recently, lived quietly around the periphery of society. I personally agree with that…..and can not imagine for the life of me, pursuing with torches, buckets of petroleum by-product and the accoutrement of poultry, a herd of panicked cross-dressers as they clattered along in torn fish-nets and stilettos, leaving in their wake a trail of false eyelashes and Judy Garland memorabilia, over their shoulders casting looks of terror from their mascara streaked faces and shrieking “OH SWEET JESUS RUN FER YER LIVES GIRLS…ITS RAINING MEN…REALLY REALLY RAINING BIG BAD MEN…..RUN!!!!

    On the other hand I loathe the introduction of homosexual agenda’s and the ever so lovely instruction of children as to some of the finer points of Sodomy 101 to pre-school children……that shit has to stop….it has no place in the classroom….ever!!!

    On another note……..I always wanted to get a bumper sticker made up…..


  3. This is not what the left means with cultural tolerance, in fact this is a culture they refuse to tolerate.

    Don you are right, homosexual behavior has been around for all of recorded and non recorded history, it can be tolerated as long as it doesn’t try and force us to accept it as normal.

  4. It is a funny video but totally wrong of the speaker to make out that what he says is the norm. It is not. I am not gay but I want the gay community to unite with us in fighting the jihad that is the source of our main concern. If the gays can convict an islamic preacher of homophobia great!

  5. Yes homosexuality has been around since the dawn of time, yes they have a right to exist, on and on it goes. However, their agenda has now taken over the media, Hollywood, parades and the likes. One of the reason I have stopped watching SNL (Saturday Night Live) is that it is now filled with that crap. They are but a minority in our society but based on SNL you would think that they are a huge majority. And it’s not even funny. Enough already. Live your life and leave the rest of us alone and we’ll leave you alone.

  6. If you all ask nicely……perhaps Vlad and Eeyore will make a post of a small essay I wrote a year or so ago……it details the progress of pedophilia and how they are forging ahead on the coattails of homosexuals by using the very same tactics the gay community has for the last 4 decades…….

    I called it “As Pedophiles Devour Our Children”

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  7. With this many people opposed the politicians really need to reconsider before the pass the law, if they do pass it then they like Obama and his minions are trying to start revolution.

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