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7 Replies to “Pakistani soldiers crossed border, killed Indian soldiers.”

  1. Raid and counter raid, the Moslems are pushing to be able and conquer all of India, the Indians are pushing becuse they want revenge and on some level want to reclaim Pakistan.

  2. India and Pakistan are one of two flash points that can/may turn nuclear, if/when Israel is forced to use their Sampson option Pakistan will probably launch most of their nukes and India since they can’t reach Israel.

  3. “After nearly a decade of relative of relatv peace in kashmir…”

    Erm, remind me again. What was the 2008 terrorist attack in Mumbai was about? Yar I know it wasn’t IN Kashmir but it was about Kashmir.

    Why do they keep pulling this crap? It’s not as if the Indians need to be reminded they share a border with a bunch of bloodthirsty pscyhopaths.

  4. Truthiocity the keep pulling this crap because they don’t have the military power to invade and win a war. Remember when the Moslems invaded India and conquered so much India was not one nation, it was a large number of small nations that didn’t even speak the same language. The Modern nation of India is a product of British colonialism.

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