Hindu girls still targeted for rape in Pakistan: world remains silent

People of Shambala

The raping of Hindu women and girls “has almost become a trend in Sindh province,” in south Pakistan, claims the Daily Bhaksar. Since the beginning of December, at least two Hindu girls, one aged six and the other 14, have been attacked and raped. The six-year-old victim was allegedly kidnapped and raped by Hashim Magiro, the owner of a gambling den near the girl’s home in the Umerkot district of Sindh.

Then at the end of December, in Mubarak Tarr village, Sindh, a 14-year-old Hindu girl was raped allegedly by a local leader of the Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP). According to Pakistan’s Express Tribune, the attacker entered the girl’s house and, while two accomplices stood guard, tortured the mother and then raped the teenage girl.

Manisha Kumari

Manisha Kumari, 14, allegedly kidnapped in Pakistan and converted to Islam in April 2012

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(A little note to Iftikhar who claimed the raped girl from a couple of weeks ago was Muslim and the rapists Hindu etc. It turns out the poor girl who was raped and tortured to death was a Hindo, and the most vicious of the rapists, the one who ripped out her intestines, was a Muslim)

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6 Replies to “Hindu girls still targeted for rape in Pakistan: world remains silent”

  1. You see, when thev facts are rolled out and the figures displayed, not only is it predictable, but no one balks, not even people like us!

    “at least two Hindu girls, one aged six and the other 14, have been attacked and raped.”

    Wohoah, wait a minute. 14?…. SIX?
    This is not just rape. Six years old?
    Now, I always thought that rapists were pretty sick fuckers anyway, but six years old? Why is this just reeled off as a normal rape statistic, and the perpetrator, who is he? Is he a dangerous anti-social freak despised by the entire community? He should be but no, hang on!

    “The six-year-old victim was allegedly kidnapped and raped by Hashim Magiro, the owner of a gambling den”.

    Well at least he owns an ILLEGAL gambling den, so he’s a crook right? An outcast? No, he’s a businessman. He owns a business, legal or otherwise. I can’t believe it. This behaviour is normal to these weirdos.
    Maybe I’ve been a part of the counter-jihad community for too long. Maybe I’ve become too de-sensitised, but I read about this shit so often, that to me the rape of a six-year old is becoming normal. Yeah, it’s a crime, but it just reads like any other news report – like a bank robbery or a petty burglary offence.
    I’m sorry but I think I need a break!

    What really bugs me though more than any sick Muslim crime is the way that the Leftists defend this sort of shit. What the fuck is wrong with them? They should be fighting Islam tooth and nail. They should be the first people to be part of the counterjihad movement. They should have been creating websites like this long before anyone else. They should have beaten Robert Spencer to the cause. People like us should be the ones lagging behind, timidly but slowly wakening up to the fact that Islam is evil after years of denial. The Leftists should be leading the way. After all, they are the real moral guardians, right?
    It’s all sick and twisted….. Muslims will pay for their crimes one day, and their Leftist supporters shall be hanged, drawn and quartered with them!

  2. @ Softly Bob: Hear Hear!

    And what is even more nauseating, if possible, is how many western WOMEN, many of them post-menopausal Greenies of the shrill, judgemental and fake “caring and sharing” kind, who go hunting down christian clergy to the last hell-hole if they have dared to touch as much as a hair of an adolescent, or not, how they wallow in the swill of “Cuuuuuuultural relativism”…when it comes to genital mutilation of 5 y.o. girls, they sneer at heroines like Hirsi Ali, and I just DONT GET IT from that demographic. They should be CARING grandmothers to ALL children….but I am so angry with them that I think they possibly dream of getting laid by an oversexed Sheik or something in this direction, because otherwise it makes no sense!

    End of rant!

  3. PS: when I speak of post-(or peri-)menopausal Greenies (and leftists) I think of that gaggle of females that run our Australian government at the moment. The Greens hold the balance of power (their leadership one un-deconstructed communist who uses her energies to badmouth Israel and the Jews while she schmuses with the Sheik Hilali – who blames young girls for getting raped, the other one a thinlipped green crone who is really good at hating….). These female bullies are ably assisted by our female Prime Minister (who has the hots for Obama)and her gaggle of handbag-nazies on the front bench – an overwhelming number of females who all will kiss islamic male bum in order to get the votes and stay in power. Never mind the little dark-skinned girls of those “voters” that get raped and mutilated and etc. Arrrrghhhhh.

    This time, really: end of rant for which I probably should apologise.

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