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4 Replies to “Halal foods forced on to unwilling Australians”

  1. You should have the choice, the companies that refuse to tell are the ones that are helping the spread of Sharia and the man that says it isn’t is lying.

  2. At the beginning of the video a good point was made. Eat pork! Bacon, ham, gammon – go for it!
    I would rather drop dead of a heart attack than let these food Nazis dictate what I eat!
    I would like too see the emergence of a non-Halal food organisation (F.H.I. – Food Haram Incorporated) that caters clearly for non-Muslims. Every product would be labelled as non-Halal with a certificate of non-Halal compliancy, confirming that every animal has been killed humanely and has NOT been brutally sacrificed to the pagan Moon god.
    In fact, every time an animal is slaughtered there will be a ritual accompaniment that clearly states that Allah has been cursed and mocked and that Mohammed has been duly insulted every time a meat product has been made.
    I do not wish these barbarian child-molesters to have even one ounce of influence over what goes on my plate, nor do I wish them to control the food market.
    Long live pork, long live alcohol and long live dietary freedom. Down with Sharia, down with the jizyah, and down with Allah!

  3. And take into account that the muslim community makes up only 1 – 2 % of the population…officially…and so far.

    For example I cannot now find a single Australian smoked salmon that does not have that HALAL stamp on it. The only non halal certified smoked salmon available here is imported. Anecdotal evidence of the dishonesty: Recently I found a packaged cheese which did not have the Halal stamp on the package. At home, when unpacking it, there was the Halal stamp on the inner packaging. Even cheese wrappings practicing Taquia …what next ! hmmmpffff

  4. @ Softly Bob,

    Eat pork!

    You know, Pork these days is very lean.

    My French friends at Resistance Republicaine have taken to publishing lots of good Porc recepies, you know the French and their love for food, perhaps it’s that passion which will save la Republique eventually. .

    And there is a new French Halal-watching site:


    ‘Whent this very respectable group who give a lot of info regarding the health problems that Halal meat can cause wanted to open an account with the French bank “Banque Populaire”, they were, in an act of blatant discrimination, refused. http://www.resistancerepublicaine.eu/tag/vigilance-halal/

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