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15 Replies to “How the Taliban turn children into live ammunition”

  1. Great thought but I am left with these two questions.

    Where is the funding for the schools and indoctrination of the children coming from?

    We have had 11 years. We have satilites and other means of observtion. Why have we not wiped out the Taliban?

  2. @Truthiocity

    The reason that we have not wiped out the Taliban is not because we can’t but because we won’t. Years of political correctness and cowering politicians means that our armed forces have their hands tied. Soldiers fear court-marshaling if they offend Islam, and stupid no-engagement policies (designed to protect the enemy’s rights) have left our generals at a disadvantage. If this was World War 2 over again, we would lose I’m afraid. Hitler would be laughing at us as we tripped over ourselves trying not to upset the German people, and trying not to fight the Nazis in case we infringed someone’s rights.
    The Taliban are scumbags and in a just world we would have wiped them off the planet years ago!

  3. Given that in the 60s, Afghanistan was the place for hippies from Europe to go get high and find multi-culti peace, the Taliban are clearly not necessarily a permanent installation there. So yes. We should, as one most excellent blogger has said repeatedly on his own site,

    “Let them fight or bring them home”

  4. @Truthiocity

    Zak?t is an Islamic tax all Muslims must give. It is broken up into a multiple number of charities which can only help Muslims or slaves of Muslims. One of the charities also goes to the international Jihad (or we call terrorist.) Why we allow this is because we are not at war with Islam.
    When Bush started fighting back in the Middle East (he didn’t start the war) we did check records but now we can do very little.

    We would win WWII again because we wouldn’t fight the war as we are with Islam.

    The reason is simple we don’t believe Islam is a national threat it is treated as a police matter.
    When Bush treated the problem as a little more threatening the nation went into an uproar because they honestly didn’t see Islam as a threat and neither did Bush. To this day they still call Bush a lier over his aggressiveness. In my opinion it was Bush’s father for what happened in Iraq not dealing with the problem correctly.

    People need to see death or a harm of their own personal life to treat it as a national threat. Islam is at war with us but they are inept and are unable to do enough damage to qualify as a national threat. To me it is immoral to allow a war to be waged against us generation after generation and act as nothing is wrong.

  5. @Truthiocity

    Since Islam is inept at waging war against us. Obama might be doing us a favor which he doesn’t even realize in my opinion.

    Obama is helping the Jihadest bring back the Mahdi. This should be traitorous act in a rational world but for some reason I don’t understand we accept it. In order to finish this on going war that has lasted 1400 years Islam needs to be treated as a national threat (or world threat.) Obama and the Jihadest are making that happen.

    The only good thing about war is it’s end.

  6. Presidents Truman and Eisenhower refused to fight the Korean war to a General MacArthur ,warned that in war there is no substitute for victory. Since the Korean war the only two wars that ere even semi fought for victory were when President Reagan won the Cold war (Him and Iron Maggie), and Gulf War I. Even in the latter we allowed the left to prevent us from wining total victory. The useful idiots in the West think this makes us look merciful, our enemies see it as weakness. At some we are going to be forced to fight a war to the bitter end if we are going to survive as free people.

    And it may be too late for some of Europe to regain their freedom, they will probably kick the Moslems out but home grown dictators stand a real good chance of taking over.

  7. @Richard

    Since WWII we never seen a war that was a direct threat to national security. This is very important to understand why we wage wars as we do.

    The cold war and minor hot wars (Vietnam / Korea) were not a direct immediate national threat.
    250 million that died from the communist were not people in western countries. Those wars should have been waged completely on a voluntary bases in my opinion. Communism other then the threat of nuclear was not a direct threat.

    Truman is the one that made the wrong decision not to retake China. This would have saved over one hundred fifty million people throughout the world and made life in China livable. It could have been done on a completely a voluntary bases. Taiwan had the forces and the will to do it but they needed our help with air / navel cover and we refused.

  8. I think since most of the causalities of the current jihad are overseas, to the populace of the countries of west these things hardly register. Lots of people I meet never even watch the news or they prefer celebrity gossip about Rhiana. Islam is still not an in your face threat. In the west we have learned to live separate lives. “What goes on in the muslim ghetto is of no relevance to me in my lovely country home.”In fact the muslims are seen as a law and order menace and their ghettos are to be avoided as a choice of house buying. This applies in fact to all immigrants whether from Africa, Eastern Europe or Asia who usually live near or in the same ghetto areas. This being the case very little can break the habits of a lifetime. People will continue to live their separate lives in their separate cultures. If friction breaks out in the ghetto it is just another new item far away.

  9. I would much appreciate if she was able to point out which Suras in the Quranic scriptures the Taliban where distorting and lying about to the children, and of cause give us the correct interpretation. That would come in much handy when we have to discuss Islamic law with the five jurisprudence schools of Islam.

  10. If you are familiar with Ted talks, some of which are very good, they are way on the PC side of all these debates. In fact they had a speech by a white convert to Islam who basically mocked critics of the system for the whole talk to approving noises of the audience. I think I can find that for you if you want it and I may have even posted it to this site at one point.

    All this to say, for Ted, this was a miraculous turn of presentation. It is a giant leap in the right direction even if they aren’t quite ready to face the full on truth about Islam and how goddamned repugnant it actually is from the ground on down.

  11. @Eeyore

    Of course you have a point, there is a development, I guess I just had one of those black moments you get from following the House of war / Islam scene since 2005. Sometime it feels like you have been witness to an in fact standstill for 7 years, mea culpa, good of you to point it out. I will cling to the straw.

  12. OxAO our refusal to fight to a clear victory has given the Moslems the idea we are afraid to go all out, and has given the left enough history to scream when we try for a clear victory, I submit that those two are clear dangers to our existence.

  13. Richard

    It is a problem but not a danger to our existence. Officially it only rises to the level of a police issue.
    Which I agree it does.

    We are heading for real problems but right now as we speak we are living in the most peaceful time in maybe world history. Human suffrage is at the lowest levels in history this can not be over looked as to how the population thinks.

    Once Islam starts hurting and killing people in western nations in large numbers only then will we start taking notice

  14. We are going to disagree on this, looking at the looming crisis all around the world I think our very existence as a free nation is at stake, the problems are not just with the MB and their like, they are also the massive economic crisis that the left has created and that Obama is working hard to make worse and with a bankrupt China that is lying to the world about their economy. the time to stop the crisis’s is before the become apparent to everyone. Unfortunately we have been prevented from doing this.

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