A slap in the face for Egypt’s women

I beg to differ with this lawyer. The nile region is not an exception it is the rule. Wherever there is the sharia, there is horror and oppression of women and non Muslim males and ultimately Muslim males if they fall afoul of anyone’s interpretation of sharia where convenient as a tool of settling unrelated personal disputes. You cannot be a feminist and a religious Muslim. I think she is out of touch with the reality of the religion and its history.


An older Egyptian woman wearing a black headscarf passes her vote to two men sitting at a table in a small room.
(Photo:Amr Nabil/AP/dapd)

Civil Rights

Preliminary reports suggest that Egyptians have approved a new constitution in a referendum process. One lawyer believes that the consequences for Egypt’s women will be wide-ranging and severe.

She’s a feminist and a Muslim, she fights for women’s rights wearing beige slacks and a bright red headscarf. Nihad Abu El Konsam is perhaps the best evidence that Egypt’s women can be followers of the Koran and yet still see eye-to-eye with their male counterparts.

Yet Egypt’s Nile region has always been the exception, the lawyer and chairwoman of the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights (ECWR) admits. Abu El Konsam worries that the Islamists currently in power in Cairo will use a newly drafted constitution to reverse the forward march of Egyptian history.

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2 Replies to “A slap in the face for Egypt’s women”

  1. Eeyore you have got it right, Egyptian women and non Moslems are in massive trouble, the women will become chattel and the non Christians will be murdered.

  2. Yes all those enforced virginity tests for female protesters was well and ample proof of Egypt’s ‘exception’ to the rule. When the police chief on TV said ‘these women are not like our daughters,, they spent the night at the square IN A TENT WITH A MAN’ eeeh eeh? nod nod wink wink elbow jab. So we whipped them with rubber hoses, sticks, pipes, electric shocked them, made them take off all their clothes while male soldiers watched & took pictures, asked them if they were virgins & told them we would shock them if they ‘lied’ (as if we could tell) and had some guy in a white coat ‘check’ their virginity status. We also told them if they continued to protest we would publish the photos and tell everyone they were prostitutes. YEP…..EGYPT bastion of long time women’s rights.

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