Stephen Coughlin questions members of the OIC HRC. Yes, HRC. that is correct.

Watch as the absurdly named, ‘Organization of the Islamic Cooperation Human Rights Commission’ obfuscates and un-disambiguates when asked a question by Maj. Stephen Coughlin on the OIC and the Cairo declaration of Islamic rights. Hint: They speak much, say nothing.

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7 Replies to “Stephen Coughlin questions members of the OIC HRC. Yes, HRC. that is correct.”

  1. The OIC…HRC…..

    Islam…..The Religion of Peace….

    Jihad….peaceful inner struggle with the personal and mundane…..

    The oxymoron’s and glaring contradictions, all smothered with hypocrisy and islamic double talk, abound and abound…

    The reality is that the entire civilized world sees islam for what it is and not what it says it is…

    The reality is that entire civilized world has closed it doors and given the cold shoulder coupled with peels of uproarious laughter to those worship death, misery and anarchy and the same who when not busied in their refined art form of murder and supremacist domination….seek the sexual pleasures of little children….

    They can feel the heat yet they are as little more than a billion and a half Ted Bundy’s who whimper and whine that they are no longer welcome amongst the enlightened and civilized…now they seek a remedy to that by the manipulation of law and the subversion and destruction of our constitutions and charters…..

    Business as usual for the muhammadans…..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. I don’t have a clue what the answers were about, they’re pure nonsense. They’re just words strung together in no particular order.

  3. Hit the nail on the head Johnjoe — Broken English in a very heavy accent has always been the best camouflage for unadulterated bullshit.

  4. Throw out a lot of BS and bury the very real danger Stephen Coughlin is talking about, unfortunately the useful idiots will believe the BS.

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