‘Specials ops’ team rescuing Pakistani Christians

From WND:

An American ministry organization has created what amounts to a special operations team to work with a group in Pakistan to rescue Pakistani Christians who are unjustly charged under that longtime ally’s draconian blasphemy law.

The group Rescue Christians is the brainchild of former PLO terrorist-turned-Christian activist Walid Shoebat.

Shoebat says the organization established what is called the Raoul Wallenberg Project, named after the man who rescued Hungarian Jews from the Nazis during World War II.

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5 Replies to “‘Specials ops’ team rescuing Pakistani Christians”

  1. Governements seldom undertake the daunting task of rescuing christians from muslim claws.
    Rescue Christians are sort of new mercedarios, monks who used to rescue christians from slavery in the north-african coast by paying a ransom in the XVI th century.
    It has all the mark of a noble cause, indeed,

  2. oogenhand that isn’t politically feasible at the moment, things like that may occur later in this war but only after enough people realize this is a war of survival and that nasty things are going to have to be done.

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