Bug in newest update of WordPress

Just a heads up. It seems as if video embeds do not work easily now. It seems to take 2 or more attempts to get a video to show up in a post, which is a problem that appeared with the newest update of WP. So there may be titles appearing referring to something not in the post.

If you see that please point it out in the comments and I will go back and try and fix it.

I am typically working on posts by editing, cleaning up audio, or subtitling videos when not posting to this site and these activities take hours of time and all my concentration. (If I was a person inclined to drugs I would be visiting a Ritalin dealer weekly.) so I don’t always notice that a post went wrong, especially when I am used to WP working pretty much perfectly all the time.

Advice to WP developers: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

Thanks for your patience and understanding. Meanwhile, I am working on a video of Stephen Coughlin questioning board members of the OIC in the US yesterday. The video was very low volume and noisy, so cleaning it up left some ‘artifacts’ and not all the speech was clear. But you can certainly get the sense of the OIC avoiding Maj. Coughlin’s questions. I hope to have a version of that ready in an hour or so and a much better one tonight.

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  1. This might be as good a place as any to recommend 2 French sites that are valiantly fighting the Islamisation in France. When over there, I met their people directly and found them very courageous, genuine and charming, but also very much maligned and defamed. I dont know how many fatwas they have on them. They are being sued at present and lots of rocks are thrown in their way, on the other hand, the main media is boycotting them. They are, however, only in French – so only really interesting for people who read French. Some of their videos are self-explanatory though and they were the original video takers of those “muslim prayers in the streets of Paris”.

    Here are their links:



    And thank you for your work also!The only little “technical problem” I encounter on your site is that it takes usually 3 attempts to post – which might discourage some impatient newcomers – but then it works.

    Incidentally, I found your site via http://sheikyermami.com/

  2. The wigits and any other update you do to your site…always check after incorporating them if they’re compitable. I don’t know who you go through for your server, but GoDaddy will let you know if any update or changes have been certified as safe and workable before you do the WP updates. And GoDaddy has been very dependable.

    Just saying.

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