World Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim cult practices taqyyia on the European Parliament.

I managed to de-spin as much as I could take but to be honest I ran out of anti-emetics around 2/3rds of the way through. The entire speech can be heard here but its more of the same. Veiled threats, and gross distortions of facts and history and geopolitics in order to agitate for Islam world wide. This ‘fellow’ does a better job than average of making Islam look like ‘new-age’ though and trying to make it look like Islam is the answer for the very problems Islam itself causes.

hopefully my afternoon’s work on this will help to decode what this person claims to the European Parliament sufficiently to avoid any policies being drafted based on it.

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17 Replies to “World Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim cult practices taqyyia on the European Parliament.”

  1. I could not get past the crawling introduction of HIS H O L Y N E S S (HOLINES)…I feel so nauseated that I forget how to spell holiness/holyness. This carricature of a “parliament” – this nest of parasites that have turned Europe into Eurabia – should be disbanded forthwith – and together with the UN move to Saudi Arabia or Algeria, or Somalia –
    I am completely D.I.S.G.U.S.T.E.D.

  2. They sat, every single gutless, intellectually bankrupt and sodomized, withered, quivering damnable dhimmi….every one of them and not one of them had the guts and the honour to fulfill his or obligation as a citizen in a free democracy and stand up and, turning their backs on such spewed poison and lies, and walk out….not one of them….I wish them, each and every one of them a lifetime of misery and humiliation at the hands of their muslim masters……

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  3. @Yasir Masood :’….It is a prosperous, courageous and determined community!’

    Who are you talking about – the Europarliamentarians or muslims? Either way – that’s funny – love your sarcasm!

    btw is ‘Yasir’ your real name or what you say whenever you’re told to do something at the mosque/madrassa?

  4. @ Van Grungy …. I am sooooo muslimed out that I will take nothing at face value that has the component of “muslim” “Islam” in it. Where did Robert Spencer and Pam Geller (two people whose courage I admire very much) defend islam?

  5. I never knew they try to infiltrate everything. You can learn a lot from this blog. Thanx Martin. Actually they try to be the friendly face of Islam and they do it pretty well. But I think they are sincere in not wanting Jihad. They believe in a Jihad of the pen. The founder is of the cult is considered to be a prophet and was a persian who operated in India during the British Rule. So because he was going around claiming to be prophet they are not liked by the real muslims and for me the Taliban and their like are the real muzzies. So as far as I am concerned he is sort of like a leftie. He is in bed with the real muzzies sort of if you catch my drift. Islam and the Arabs have such a hold on the minds of people it beggers belief. No matter how low they go they are still the most revered people around. Revered by the left, the media, the states of the world, the UN. However, we at Vlad beg to differ.

  6. Don, If you are look through glasses of prejudice, you will not find any good anywhere in the world. Ahmadi Muslims present the real peaceful face of Islam, not just in words, but also in practice. With presence in over 200 countries, in its 120+ year history you will not find a single instance of violence, it is testimony to the motto Ahmadi Muslims live by “Love For All, Hatred For None.”

  7. @arazzaqq

    Prejudice, by the very definition of the word, indicates a level of uniformed and ignorant prejudging of a person, thing or subject.

    Islam and muslims have provided humanity with 1400 years and a billion blood soaked pages in history books to illustrate the true nature and intent of islam and muslims……to state otherwise is quite simply fanciful and little more than an injurious exercise for non-believers.

    The west must stop immigration from all muslim countries, deport the muslims that, in the slightest manner, show signs of islamization and then, take steps to criminalize every aspect of islamic jurisprudence as well as several other aspects of islamic life such as halal slaughter and the building or mosques.

    Anything less than that clarity of vision and resolve to completely isolate those who seek to harm us…….is foolishness.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  8. Watching this for the first time:
    It’s true that the word Islam means submission. It is important to note that for Muslims submission to Allah means peace in the heart. Which of course is a different definition of peace then western civilization means peace. So, when they say the religion of peace it’s not peace in the world it means peace in the heart.

    They are distorting a term in this case not lying. This may seem like subtle differences but it is important to understand what they are saying.

    Then this guy is saying how to achieve peace. Now if you use the first meaning of the term peace he is talking about peace in the heart that can only be achieved by submission to Islam. To set a means to achieve this is rather creepy to say the least.
    This is why the subtle differences is important.

    Ahmadiyya ARE heretics in ALL of Islam and he doesn’t like his beliefs being mixed with the rest of Islam which they shouldn’t be. But the outlawed part of his speech is a clear example he lives under Islamic rule and believes the Sharia no matter which school is running it is the right thing to do.

    He reminds me of some of the Nazi Jewish people during WWII. Yes, there were a few. Such as one of the founders of the Brown shirts:

    He is siding with those that want them eliminated. Ernst didn’t know what the Brown shirts where attempting until it was to late. The Nazi’s where masters at deception as are Islam.

    I do what to point out and it’s important the Ahmadiyya are not murderers it isn’t set in their belief structure. Remember the ‘real’ Muslims must be judge jury and executioner of Allah’s law. Ahmadi’s don’t believe that.

  9. I hope anyone is smart enough to kick the Ahmadis out of the West. Nobody trusts the Ahmadis who are allies of: Israel, UK Monarch and Zionists.

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