Sex perp determined to avoid expulsion

Translation by Michael Laudahn


The controversial Gullestrup (Herning) sex affair now to be treated by landsretten [appeals court]

‘Danish’ Rapist refuses deportation

Ahmed Mohammed Omar attempts to have his punishment alleviated for gross sex attacks in the Herning quarter of Gullestrup
The terrible case where a young woman and two small girls living at the Gullestrup quarter were sex-abused by a 17-year old somali will go one more time through the judicial machinery. This will happen on tuesday, when Vestre Landsret, Viborg commences the appeal proceedings.

Ahmed Omar Mohamed, now 18, wants to try and get byretten’s [1st level] 6-year prison punishment alleviated. Not least, he hopes to get the expulsion to Somalia cancelled, which he received on top of the prison sentence.

He was sentenced for having forced with a knife a woman in a central Herning staircase to sexual intercourse and oral sex.

Most startling, however, were the two violations which he undertook against two girls, 10 and 11, in november of last year. He touched them on a playground, then pulled them into a wood near-by. While one of the girls managed to escape, he could pull the other girl deeper into the wood.

There, he made her undress herself, forced her to oral sex and executed both ordinary and anal intercourse with her. She was freed only when he heard other people in the wood.

Ahmed Omar Mohamed will have to expect a fight in court. The public prosecutor’s mood towards him has not softened, on the contraray: He demands an even stiffer penalty.


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4 Replies to “Sex perp determined to avoid expulsion”

  1. What the hell happened to a country whose warriors where feared across the known world? Why is this piece of ape shit still breathing the air?

  2. I agree, death sentence.
    Hanging is the minimum for raping a child. Castration without anaesthetic might persuade them that we a serious.
    The truth is, if a non-Mohammedan were to rape a muslim girl, the town would go up in flames.
    They believe that we are weak because we do not protect ourselves or our children.

    Time to change their minds.

  3. “The truth is, if a non-Mohammedan were to rape a muslim girl, the town would go up in flames.”

    Very true. The double morality of Mohammedans should be reversed. Castrate the fucktard. Revenge or resistance? Even more serious mutilations. Islam forbids euthanasia. An oil boycot would both hurt the Mohammedans in Europe and the world economy, and so the shares of oil sheiks. This isn’t 1973 anymore. As well, Islam destroys itself in Syria.

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