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8 Replies to “MASSIVE 200,000 Anti-Morsi PROTEST TURNS VIOLENT in Cairo”

  1. They can protest all they like, but they won’t get anywhere. The Egyptian people voted for a 73% full-on Islamic government, and Morsi won 52% in the presidential election. It’s what they want. Shari’ah’s well on the way…bye bye, Egypt.

  2. An Interview with Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi: ‘We’re Learning How to Be Free’

    On Nov. 28, 2012, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi sat down for an exclusive interview with TIME managing editor Rick Stengel, editor-at-large Bobby Ghosh and Jerusalem bureau chief Karl Vick. The Egyptian President spoke mostly in English, with the occasional aside in Arabic, discussing his beginnings with the Muslim Brotherhood, how he sees the world, his dealings with President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over the Gaza cease-fire and his latest crisis: protests from the judiciary and the secularist opposition over his decree assuming legislative and near autocratic power as Egypt awaits its constitution and the formation of a legislature.


  3. johnjoe says: “Morsi won 52%”

    The problem with that is it is sharia that they elected to have there is no going back without a lot of blood split. There will be no more elections.

  4. Agreed [email protected], a few years ago at Heathrow airport local muslim youths had the hobby of attempting to blind incoming pilots with these to cause a crash. Now there are regular patrols on the roads next to the runways and anyone attempts it gets dealt with sharpish.

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