Merah family raised in haze of hatred and antisemitism

A comment came in today from someone calling himself, ‘Sharpshooter’.

It was the fairly common type of attack on this site, its readers and the Q society by someone I can only assume is a lefty, and either deliberately confuses important concepts like opposing hate, (which this site actually is about) and generating hate, (which is what Islam does and pretty much all it does) or, he actually doesn’t know that the new ‘anti-fascists’ are the actual fascists using any means at their disposal to suffocate the freedom of speech of those they do not agree with or understand, and that the new hate speech is from the ‘anti-racists’ who stand up for Islamic supremacy while ignoring Islamic genocides and wars across the globe.

I will reproduce the comment below in toto but not the link he added, as I don’t feel like i need to promote his agenda on this site.

Just letting you know your online hate is not acceptable.

I’m not sure if you think you’re just making a joke or you just think because no one can see you or knows your real name that it is OK to say these things. It isn’t. We do not want people with your views on this website or anywhere else.

Take your hate and go away. Anyone else who wants to see less of this vile racism visit [link removed] to find new ways to stop hate and haters taking up our time and space.


The Anti-Hater

Notice how the poster feels that this website and time and space in general is theirs to command. That they should be able to go to any website they want in the world, interpret what they see their own way without any real inquiery, and if they object to their own interpretation of what they see, that the website and or the people who post to it must be silenced.

A better definition or example of fascism I could not create short of actual violent action in the pursuit of the goals stated in the comment.

Lastly, there is an important concept I would like to define. Freedom of speech. 

Like freedom of religion, freedom of speech means you/we must be able to speak our own truths, especially political ones without fear of state persecution for those views, just as freedom of religion means you should be able to believe in any deity you want without government interference.

Now what it doesn’t mean.

Freedom of speech does not mean you can walk into a Costco and start handing out fliers for Walmart just as you cannot say absolutely anything you want on this website or any other. Even though I do my best to allow as much as possible. (I hold Iftikhar up as my annoying example.) Freedom of religion does not mean you are able to break local laws because you say you are required to for your religious observance. It only deals with belief. Not practice other than in the manner of private prayer etc. I write this in case Mr. Anti-hate feels I have interfered with his ‘rights’. This is a private site. No one is obliged to come here. If you don’t like what you see, there are many other sites you will like I am sure, as the useful idiots in this war are in the majority today and infinitely better financed.

Below, an interesting video about how the Merah family, a devout Muslim family in France was raised, steeped in violent hatred, bigotry and antisemitism. I wonder if ‘The Anti Hater’ has written to their mosque insisting that they not be allowed to exist or speak etc. I doubt the bookies would even give odds on that one.

For those who cannot see the embed, the video lives here:

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8 Replies to “Merah family raised in haze of hatred and antisemitism”

  1. As those UAF types are cowards, I suggest a diversity of tactics. It is a pity the struggle against them is dominated by Anti-Semites like Golden Dawn and the NVU(in the Netherlands). Anyway, as the UAF types link to Islam, they will join them into eternal damnation as Islam destroys itself in Syria.

  2. This site is doing a very important job, even if someone does not like what is reported here they should appriciate the fact that someone goes into this much trouble of showing factual things and stating an opinion.
    Sadly we know all too well what type of people accept no criticism and respect no opinion but their own – and these people can only call themselves “anti haters” as a joke or a parody on the limited and barbaric views that they hold.
    Keep of the good job!

  3. I agree, keep up the good work Eeyore.

    Mr Anti Hater is a moron on an ego trip. He has the arrogance of a fool and unwittingly exposes his ignorance to the world in his contemptuous demand that others be silent as only his views have validity or legitimacy.

    The mark of a totalitarian fascist as you say, and he’s far too stupid to have any awareness of his own bigotry and intolerance, let alone realize his brand of ignorance and hatred it’s far more repulsive and dangerous than any well informed criticism of islam he might find on this or other sites.

    If you are reading this Mr Hater, take note that we are not half baked undergraduates or ill educated lefties on this site, so go away and parrot your empty slogans elsewhere.

    The people here won’t be impressed with your rebel without a cause student like rants because we have far more experience and knowledge of islam than you, and this site allows us opportunity to air our views that Islam is a dangerous totalitarian ideology which must be opposed by all intelligent reasonable people.

    If you grow up and wish to discuss these issues intelligently, come back, if not, you can clear off Mr Sharpshooter Hater, because WE don’t want to read your superficial ego driven nonsense .

    (PS Eeyore, perhaps you should tell us which website this idiot lurks on, so we can hold a mirror up to their own hatred and fascism, or at least have a good laugh at their stupidity)

  4. The Fascists of the current generation, and I include anti-fascist in that group, are very active in their attempts to tar anyone that disagrees with them as Fascists.

    Eeyore keep up the good work, the fact that they take the time to attack you and by extension us shows we are doing some good.

  5. Thank you all. The website he linked to, is actually an Australian Govt. website. I don’t know the details as I have not bothered to go there. But here is is for those who want to check it out. you will have to add a www or http:// before it to make it work of course.

  6. I had a look at that site. Judging by the content its run by a load of politically correct fools and read by intellectually challenged sheeple. They provide sample posts for folk to send to other websites lecturing them about their content. Maybe their readers aren’t capable of composing their own posts. The juvenile self congratulatory tone of the people on there is truly pathetic

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