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9 Replies to “Breaking: BBC does balanced interview about Israel”

  1. Who allowed this right wing extremist with his facts and logic into the BBC? Have they forgotten how party approved analysis of the mideast goes? Repeat after me: Israel is the source of all Evil, therefore…

  2. lol, The truth will set us free 🙂

    Look at the “wounded” man at 2:11 and hi`s resurrection at 2:43.

    and maybe Red Cross should have a talk with the “wounded” aid worker at 2:23 – 2:36

    Pallywood at its best 🙂 Those F**kers lie for a living.

  3. Since the start of 2012, 797 rockets have been fired from Gaza, forcing approximately one million Israelis in towns across the south to flee to their nearest bomb shelter, with as little as 15 seconds to react. The number of rockets fired increases to over 5,000 since 2006.

    Yet apparently, the low number of casualties (thanks to Israel’s advanced technology and interception systems) is a total non-story. It is only when Israel ends its restraint and finally takes decisive action that suddenly the BBC screams of a dangerous escalation. They then have the temerity to suggest that the real reason for the Gaza operation lies hidden beneath a clever Israeli smokescreen. Rockets? What rockets?

    As if to restate the obvious, no western government would tolerate even a fraction of the rocket attacks suffered by Israel. Imagine that the citizens of London, Manchester or Birmingham came under fire from missiles fired by terrorists. If they were forced to dive into bomb shelters on a daily basis, if schools in those cities were closed, and if life ground to a halt under a relentless terrorist barrage, our own government would not hesitate to act. And rightly so. Even one missile or rocket would be an intolerable invasion of our sovereignty requiring the most robust response.


  4. Whatever can be happening? the one single lidless eye at the BBC turns inwards, momentarily distracted by the ongoing pedophile scandal, and while this occurs, some nasty little hobbit’sss slips in unseen.
    My god, how did he get past the watchers, that’s Tark’s work.

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