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7 Replies to “Speigel: Romanian immigration to Germany has effects (Actually Gypsies)”

  1. These are gypsies not Romanians or Bulgarians just to make that clear .
    My father was Romanian and my mother Bulgarian
    My family is an educated family with degrees and far from what is pictured in this video.
    It is sad to see that because of the gypsies looking for work in the European countries since they can’t get a job in Romania ,the rest of us get a bad name. In Romania people struggle with the gypsies as well .
    Please people learn to differentiate between Romanians and gypsies.
    Vlad Tepes was Romanian !

  2. Romanian and Turks are fine as far as I know!
    If they would try to Islamize Romania, it would be a different story
    I beleive a new Vlad Tepes would rise !

  3. This is madness, simple madness.

    It seems as though the governments and social engineers are involved in a campaign of provocation.

    Most of this wrought from their association and agreements with the EU, and that, The EU has been a miserable failure.

    Vigilante action is what is being provoked and vigilante action is what they will get……..let them try and throw urine and water on that.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  4. I don’t know if they are trying to get vigilante action so they can attempt to crush it, I say attempt because I think the extent of action will be a great surprise to the powers that be.

  5. Didn’t you intend to henceforth always *copy & paste* foreign names, Vlad, after earlier experiences made (fx ‘Gansbunnen’, instead of Gänsbrunnen)? .) If nothing else, then please do consider the long-time Google effect. (referring to Spiegel, rather than Speigel)

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