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29 Replies to “French march against Islam, sharia and islamic racism and fascism”

  1. Nice too see people got their balls together, but marching isn’t the most effective method. Likely Leftist photographers showed up to take pictures. Someone should photograph THEM.

  2. The muslims picked a fight…….its coming….its coming…and when it arrives it will be breathtaking…..

    I can hardly wait……..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  3. The striking thing about that protest was the age of the people involved. Mostly middle age and older with a sprinkling of younger folk. Is it mainly people of a certain age who haven’t been brainwashed by their PC education, or multi cult media? Where are the angry young folk?

  4. Wonderful. For the first time we see a large crowd of French people from all walks of life, young and old, turn out against Islamofascism. Yes, it looks like its mostly older people, but the younger ones will join us once it gains momentum.

    There is hope, after all.

  5. Well done to the French for claiming back the word ‘fascism’ and giving it back its real meaning. Calling Muslims fascists is far more appropriate than calling freedom fighters fascists.
    Now the so-called ‘anti-fascist’ demonstrators cannot say anything.
    This is what other societies in the West should be doing. We’re losing the war on words and we need to reclaim them. Words like ‘racist’, ‘fascist’ and ‘paedophile’ need to be reclaimed so that we can point out that the Muslims and Leftists are the real fascists and racists, and point out that the Islamists are the paedophiles, and that anyone who supports Islam is supporting paedophilia.
    They try to disgrace us with such words, now we need to disgrace and shame them.

  6. Softly bob,

    I’ve been telling people for years, now, that fascism is left-wing not right-wing, and have most often been laughed at. There’s a hair’s width between fascism and Marxism/socialism/communism.

    When the Soviets and Nazis went to war, it wasn’t two vastly opposing ideologies coming together in a great ‘War of the Ages’ scenario, it was two virtually identical ideologies fighting it out for control of the exact same space.

    Communists framed the fascists as ‘right-wing’ in order to try and put clear blue water between the two.

  7. oogenhand:
    That’s just the moronic website Loonwatch calling freedom demonstrators fascists. It’s the same old shit from Leftist buffoons.

  8. Hi from France,
    Just to say that it was really a wonderful day with all my friends crying “charia won’t go through, facism neither”.
    now it’s the beginning of the resistance against Islamofacism.

    About the double cross you have seen on flags, it’s called “croix de Lorraine” and representative of Charles de Gaulle who was the chief of the resistance organised the desembarkation in Normandy.

    at your disposal
    Patrick M.
    Member of Résistance Républicaine

  9. Our president is called ‘Flanby le fasciste’. All leftists are fascists. They are called islamo-collabos because they collaborate with the muslims like they did before withe the nazis.. We need an other trial of Nuremberg !

  10. Churchill :
    « Combien sont terribles les malédictions que la foi de Mahomet fait peser sur ses adeptes ! »
    “How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism (Islam) lays on its votaries (faithful)!”
    Churchill était bien conscient de la menace que constitue l’islam à l’endroit de l’héritage occidental
    « Il n’y a dans le monde aucune force rétrograde plus forte. Loin d’être moribond, l’islam est une foi militante imposant le prosélytisme. Il s’est déjà répandu en Afrique Centrale suscitant l’apparition de guerriers sans peur à chaque étape; et si le christianisme n’était pas entouré des bras forts de la science, science à laquelle il s’est vainement opposé, la civilisation de l’Europe moderne pourrait disparaître, comme a disparu la civilisation de la Rome antique. »
    “No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism (Islam) is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled, the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome.”

  11. As much as I hate disagreeing with Sheikyermami (whose “take-no-prisoner” blog I strongly recommend), disagree I must when he suggests that there were not many youth. Somehow they might not be on the pictures, but a big group of “Identitaires” were there, with their banner, “les identitaires” brought us this one:

  12. charlesmartelmoietmoi despite the history books version the Nuremberg trials were a prime example of victors justice, win the war then you can bring the collaborators and traitors to trail.

  13. I am french, and when I read your comments, I am shocked by one simple thing: you in your country are much more bright and educated than french people. Just read french comments on similar discussions in france, they are so silly and poor minded…
    Would you accept me in your country? Governement kills our hopes of freedom, and now, they kill our business.HELP!

  14. Zeraye:

    You should know that the people on this board are the true counter-culture. The true rebels. We here in North America and the UK have lost the war for the culture so thoroughly that the few who still understand logic and reason and true classical liberalism as opposed to cultural Marxism which is all that is taught at universities etc., have found each other on sites like this one. Sites where our enemies may monitor us, but typically, with very few exceptions, do not wish to join these discussions.

    While I’m sure you would be welcomed here, and as a French person, doubly so in Canada, you would be disappointed to find that Canada, being farther behind in the conspicuous take over by Muslims and the left than Europe is, at least visibly, has a less diverse set of political opinions out in the open than Europe does.

    There is no Swedish Democrats here or Geert Wilders. You just happened to look in a single candle in the darkness corner of the internet where a few of us who remember what individual freedoms and liberties are, and indeed even individualism at all.

  15. Thank you Eeyore,
    For French people it is time to forget about politic and just open the eyes on what is happenning. I hope it will happen naturally to avoid civil wars…
    Well, I realy hope to visit North america , I work hard to get money for it 😉 and I have to learn a lot about your country and your way of life before. Now I go to work …

  16. France was a great nation when they had a king and the catholic church france has been in a steep decline since 1789. Its time for the return of the king. I am french by blood my home is Louisiana if there is a fight we stand by our brothers in france islam is not the answer but the return to french heratage is as well as the catholic church

  17. How sad I am to read you, Louisiane…

    I try to explain , sorry if my english is not very good.

    France could go ahead since 1789 because Church was separated of State, and then had no power;
    Actually the fact is that they give more importance to religions law than to republic’s laws; Government let religious law apply instead of Republic’ laws!
    And because of that, French Nation is going lower and lower minded,
    People get narrow minded instead of thinking by themselves and go ahead alltogether:
    Going together free thinking :democratie it is called; right?
    Religions are not democratie.

    I hope you understand now.

    French heratage is not catholic, it is democratie and human rights.

    Very very few people go to church from very very long time, most of people didn’ t care about it, but islam is here and developping, and now France goes down;
    This comes from to much laxism, and moreover a great lost of education;
    I wonder why governements let it go that way; Actually it ‘ s worst than ever.

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