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10 Replies to “Crime report for Belgium. (Spoiler alert. There is lots of it)”

  1. Q/ What do the people do when their own police force abandon them, or when the police are useless?
    A/They start to enforce the law themselves.

    Q/ How do they do this when successions of Leftist governments have disarmed them and left only the criminals with weapons?
    A/ They find ways around this and eventually re-arm themselves illegally.

    Q/ How do they know who the criminals are when the government and the media refuse to identify them (eg. Muslims)?
    A/ They grow to mistrust the media and rely on their own instincts and personal experiences to identify the enemy.

    This is the future.and Belgians are among the first to experience it.
    Welcome to the new Europe. It is the crusades again, the crusades 21st century style. Civil war is being formed and Belgium is the template.
    It’s all down to the people now. They have been betrayed by their leaders and can trust nobody but themselves.
    The tide is about to turn!

  2. Nothing surprising her, it’s simply parasites attacking their hosts. What did they expect when they paid 3rd world savages to occupy their cities?

  3. EU Quarter! Of course… The EU will “fix” it! In reality we simply dont need more police, we need less cultural imports. (Btw, what a shocking statistic – not surprising though.)

  4. Everywhere there is socialism you find multiculturalism, the two go hand in hand and create poverty,

    a shrinking of the middle class,

    high crime rats

    the police afraid to do their jobs

    rapidly lowering standards of living

    falling quality of health care

    rationed health care.

    When you also disarm the honest citizens and outlaw self defense the criminals start taking over the streets.

    Welcome to the Dark Ages.

    Or should I say the new Dark Ages.

  5. The death of the STIB worker mentioned at the beginning was a game changer. The STIB workers went on strike, all of a sudden, the collaborating criminal belgian government, lept into action, an action led by minister of justice Truttenbauhm and minister of interior Millequequettes. Extra police manpower, which to the present day has not been hired, (as a matter of fact, the budget austerity measures only recently compromised their arrival) was promised. As a matter of fact, the worker’s death who prompted all this, was a mohammedan. Autochton citizens have been and will be slaughtered on belgian public transport without this leading to anything, much less measures of prevention or a fitting judicial response. Belgian government, along with the STIB, is covering for the criminals operating within their borders and on their public transport net, and can and must, as such, be qualified as criminal themselves.

  6. I proposed to my wife in the main square in brussels 12 years ago and you could see the writing on the wall then. I once ended up in the Anderlecht district and I thought ‘ where are all the white people’,and that was when I was still a born and bred brain washed labour supporter. How can something be shoved in your face so much yet people are still in denial. If you dont laugh you would cry. It is criminal!

  7. I’ve been to Brussels a number of times, and I can assure you, dear reader, it’s as bad as it looks. Don’t forget, Belgium was formed as a convenient land mass for Britain, France, and Germany to fight their wars on. Looks like it may well be called into use again. This could be ground zero for a new European war if things are allowed to get that far…

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