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11 Replies to “Jews in Finland told to avoid showing signs of Jewish membership”

  1. Anyone wanting to know what it was like for the Jews in Germany in the early 1930s only needs to take a good look and Europe, the nations are all practicing the antisemitic policies of Nazi Germany. But not all of them are on the same schedule, some are 1933 and 1934 and others have advanced to 1936 and 1937.

  2. 10% of the jews are being attacked per year in 10 years all of them will at the current rate.

    Richard the difference is government did it after the socialist took over and all Jews were subjugated at that point. But before they took over the Jews had more courage then today. Rather then listening and removing their symbols it was the Jews that first started wearing the Jewish stars to make it clear who they were. Once the socialist took over they thought it was a good idea and forced them all to wear the star.

  3. So Jews and Christians cannot cause offense to muslims with religious symbols which remind them that other religions exit but muslims can wear what they like and flaunt their religion with men wearing nightgowns and fully covered women.

    The usual double standards and one way street which applies to anything to do with Islam and the tender jealous feelings of its followers

  4. Heads will roll for this. The treacherous governments, cowardly police forces, judiciary and mainstream media (Leftists alike) are all guilty of anti-semitism.
    By allowing this they are dawdling while Europe turns into an Islamic shithole. They are guilty of treason and are on the verge of being guilty of assisting in war crimes.
    I am sincerely waiting for the day that the Liberal enablers pay for this, and pay they will!

  5. OxAO back then the left hadn’t spend as much time vilifying the idea of self defense, after 70+ years of being told not to fight back is it any wonder so many refuse to fight back? What the left forgot is that no matter how often they turn their cheeks and refuse to fight at some time their Viking ancestors are going come out and the people now rolling over and playing dead will start fighting back. They will be so pissed and out of control they will commit war crimes that wouldn;t happen if the people had fought back from the beginning.

  6. Isn’t this just peachy? Instead of punishing the aggressors the powers that be have decided to put the onus on the victims. If this situation was reversed, Jews attacking muslims then heads would roll. It’s nothing more than a clear case of anti-semitism and mustard butt kissing…..(spits in derision)

  7. Finland’s history is one of fighting back at least that was their ancestors and i remember there was a couple positive stories out Finland. Maybe this is temporary? who knows

  8. I personally think that genetics play a much larger role in behavior then is currently fashionable to talk about, if I am right this is temporary, if I am wrong they are toast.

  9. Finland is a land of the free. No Jews are persecuted by the Finns. I do believe that the muslim immigrant in Finland may cause problems. To tell the Jews to avoid their religious symbols could be to save them from the hate of the radical Muslims.

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