Government incorporates illegal slaughter for Eid into their business plan

While this may seem a small or subtle issue to some, it is in fact symptomatic of the complete destruction of Western legal and value systems. The idea that hard earned anti-animal-cruelty laws should be not just ignored but it’s opposite embraced and incorporated, presumably only for the new Muslim overlords of course, is a rather stunning illustration of what is coming our way at supersonic speeds in all sectors of our lives.

H/T Blazing Catfur for the clip and for Bear for the translation:

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6 Replies to “Government incorporates illegal slaughter for Eid into their business plan”

  1. I cannot believe that good people all over the world allow this brutal slaughter of animals to not only satisfy the blood lust of muslims but fatten their wallets with muslim-only halal butchery. This is the celebration of EID, the celebration of the muslim blood lust, a tradition handed down to them by their “perfect man” and their perverted “religion”.

    You’d better get used to it, because if you don’t find the courage to stand up to them, they’ll soon have their way and you’ll be forced to celebrate it too, just like everything else your government has helped them shove down your throats.

  2. VIDEO – in Quebec 60% of the meat produced by this halal slaughterhouse is sold to non-Muslims and the non-muslim owner says the market is expanding 🙁

  3. OT – SPAIN The Melilla frontier was closed today as Morrocans threw stones at the Spanish border police

    The frontier in the North African Spanish enclave Melilla has been closed for more than two hours today as dozens of Moroccans threw stones and other heavy objects at police.

    The UIP Police Intervention Team was soon on the scene along with the National Police and the Reserve Group of the Civil Guard.

    The Government delegate described the action as ‘inacceptable and intolerable’ and there was concern at what might happen if they let the Moroccans in.

    A rain of stones was aimed at the police by a group of Moroccans who then decided to close the border. There were no injuries to the Spanish agents.

    It seems that dozen or so Moroccans wanted to enter Spain, but the border official would not let any pedestrians though.

    ( more videos on the youtube channel page )

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