The secrets of the Poitiers grand mosque and its imam Boubaker El-Hadj Amor (Express, 2005)

A translation by Michael Laudahn

From Generation-Identitaire:


Excerpts: ‘In order to convince the UOIF [Union des Organisations Islamiques de France] to get out its wallet, El-Hadj Amor used a shock argument: ‘I emphasised the history of Poitiers. A place of cult and peace on the ruins of the battle in 732: very symbolic.’

‘According to Bouchaïb Kamali, president of the Association des Marocains de Poitiers – the ony moslem to denounce with an uncovered face the ‘omnipotence of El-Hadj Amor’ and to criticise a ‘pharaonic project financed by the UOIF’s petrodollars’ -, the imam maintained a ‘privileged relation’ with the city’s very secular socialist mayor, Jacques Santrot.

The two men, he reminds, met at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Mécanique et d’Aérotechnique (ENSMA). There, the imam is a maître de conférences; the aedile occupied there for a long time the post of a maître assistant. Since that era, continues Kamali, Santrot made El-Hadj Amor his only interlocutor in the heart of the community, while there are several associations which are ‘more representative’ and ‘more moderate’.

‘A papable mark of this ‘connivance’, according to the word used by several local moslems, responsible? The only place of worship officially counted today at Poitiers (an old house on Rue Ludovic-Le Troubadour transformed into mosque) is assigned to the UOIF by the mayor’s office, while this place had for long been at the disposition of an association bundling the ensemble of the city’s moslem structures. Until the lease agreement suddenly was modified, changing the name of the beneficiary.’ [Source:]

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