Cardiff hit-and-runs latest: Two people fighting for life as police launch new appeal

This is South Wales:

Two people remain in a critical condition following a series of hit-and-runs across Cardiff that left one woman dead and 13 injured.

Nine of the victims are still in hospital, including five children, following the carnage at five locations in the city on Friday afternoon.


Witnesses say pedestrians were deliberately targeted by a man driving a white van in Ely and Leckwith between 3.30pm and 4pm.

Detectives interviewing a 31-year-old man on suspicion of murder today revealed at a police press conference that he is also believed to have assaulted people outside his van, possibly with a weapon which is yet to be found.

A woman named locally as Karina Menzies, 32, was fatally struck down outside the fire station at Cowbridge Road West.

Officers seized a white Iveco van and today also appealed for information about a black Renault Clio being driven on the wrong side of the road around the same time, which is being linked to the incidents.

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16 Replies to “Cardiff hit-and-runs latest: Two people fighting for life as police launch new appeal”

  1. No description makes it suspicious. But it’s still feasible it was a lone nutjob. However, new information indicates there were 2 perps in separate vehicles. The only time you see 2 or more people collaborate on a lunatic attack is when they share a lunatic ideology.

  2. Blogger “Before its News” states:
    “…Cardiff is a notoriously Islamic area”
    <a href="Telegraph video (viewed only 5 times at time of this posting) has a police spokesman stating @2:05:

    “clearly we are keeping an open mind on the events of yesterday and my appeal to the members and communitites of Cardiff is quite simply this, these are traumatic events for the communities to deal with, for the families to deal with and for the police to support. . .”

    FWIW, the EDL held a demonstration in Cardiff on June 5th 2010.

  3. Yes, the woman on the video describes a white man beating an Asian man with a steering-wheel immobilizer. This doesn’t sound a lot like Sudden Jihad Syndrome to me…

  4. Well, Chris Jones, we will just have to wait and see, won’t we? But, just as a matter of interest, do you have any information as to what sort of ‘Asian’ was being beaten by a ’White Guy’? And why?

  5. Seneca111
    No doubt there are witnesses as some of them described the nature of the attack. But not a squeek in the media or anywhere else about discriptions.

  6. wtd2: I saw something wonderful thirty years or more ago now.

    It happened outside of Randwick Stadium, in Sydney, where Australia were playing South Africa at Rugby at the height of the anti-apartheid campaign. The male Hain, as an early Socialist promoter of white ethnic cleansing (then in the Labour Party prior to his career serving, opportunistic move to the Liberal Party, or Liberal Democrats as they have now re-labelled) was protesting together with the usual collection of useful idiots.

    As I passed a large Australian fist came out of the crowd and made its point. Halcyon days!

    The point I make is that the female Hain may well have no more of a cultural moral compass than that of the thing to which to she is bonded and thus anything reported by her may well be prejudiced and should be viewed with a modicum of suspicion.

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