FRANCE 24 journalist (sexually) assaulted in Cairo

Sooner or later we, the Western world, are going to have to have a chat with ourselves about our values, what they mean to us and whether or not we are ready to defend them.

The Western world likes to pretend that men and women are equal in all ways as opposed to equal before the law, which is a rational, not to mention actionable, way to look at reality.

The Muslims of course, have their own version of what women’s rights are and this is evidenced by what you see wherever Islam has the whip hand no matter what Muslims tell you when they are trying to seem liberal for the purpose of rhetorical attack or defense.

Western news agencies continue to send women to cover events at Tahrir Square despite the multiple rapes and various forms of gang-sexual-assault on female reporters because they have to. If they send men instead, then the savages win in a sense. They have forced us to submit to the reality of Islamic views of women despite our insistence that the risk or danger is the same for both, or perhaps more importantly, that women may be able to sue a news organization for discrimination if they are not sent because they are women and at greater risk. At the end of the day, we have some things to sort out on our own before we can start enforcing policies. Women’s groups really should start writing policy in terms of home and abroad rights and responsibilities as well.

The time for dealing with reality is now. Islam and it’s fictions and violence are forcing us to deal with our own fictions. We cannot put up a decent fight till we are aware of them and ready to revise them or fight for them.

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From France 24

FRANCE 24 journalist assaulted in Cairo

FRANCE 24 journalist Sonia Dridi filed a police complaint with Egyptian police on Saturday, one day after she was assaulted by a crowd of men while reporting on a demonstration at Cario’s Tahrir Square.

By FRANCE 24 (text)

FRANCE 24 journalist Sonia Dridi filed a police complaint with Egyptian police on Saturday, a day after she was assaulted while reporting on a protest in the capital Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

Dridi had just finished giving a live news report at around 10:30pm on Friday for FRANCE 24’s French language television when a crowd of men teemed around her, shoving and grabbing at her body.

“I was surrounded by my team, so I didn’t feel like I was in any particular danger,” Dridi told FRANCE 24 in a televised interview, saying that the camera crew had attracted a crowd of curious bystanders. “I was able to do my live report but at the end of it the atmosphere was really tense.”

FRANCE 24 journalist Sonia Dridi thanks colleague Ashra Khalil for protecting her

Thanks to @ashrafkhalil for protecting me in #Tahrir last nite. Mob was pretty intense. thanks to him I escaped from the unleashed hands.

— Sonia Dridi (@Sonia_Dridi) Octobre 20, 2012

“The crowd encircled us…It was mostly young men, but not only. They started to touch me and I held onto my colleague, who tried to reassure me and hold my attention so we could get out of the crowd as fast as possible,” Dridi added.

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