Egypt: Teacher cuts off students’ hair for not wearing hijab


Primary schoolteacher disciplined

17 October, 18:02

(ANSAmed) – CAIRO, OCTOBER 17 – Education officials took disciplinary action against a primary school teacher in the Upper Egyptian governorate of Luxor after she cut off two female students’ hair as a punishment for not wearing hijabs, or Islamic veils, Al-Ahram online newspaper reported on Wednesday.

The teacher, who was reported to authorities by the children’s parents, had previously threatened to cut off the hair of any students who showed up in class with bare heads.

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3 Replies to “Egypt: Teacher cuts off students’ hair for not wearing hijab”

  1. A Stockholm-syndrome suffering Muslima, herself a slave is to Islam, is punishing her students for not also being good little slaves to Islam.
    Typical of the mental illness that is spread by Islam.
    Is the sort of the thing we want in the West, hapless Leftists?

  2. I just can’t make myself feel any shock or disbelief any more. Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Mali, Nigeria and now Zanzibar too … going the full MO-nty. We will be able to add Syria too to that list … with the help of Judeo-Christian countries… very, very soon.

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