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17 Replies to “More videos from Egypt’s riots going on pretty much right now.”

  1. The MB is organized and has a paramilitary force (the terrorist groups the fund and train) to call on for help in violence.

    The secular forces are disorganization and for the most part untrained with no military or paramilitary force to call on.

    The MB is going to win and recreate their caliphate, unfortunately the western nations are helping them.

  2. Richard,

    Perhaps President Romney will be more likely to at least recognize the secular Egyptians and offer them some encouragement. Unfortunately, if Mohammed were alive today he would most definitely be on the side of the Muslim Brotherhood. I wonder, though, just how many Egyptians are actually atheists and would rather live normal lives. Nobody knows. I do know that if I believed in the existence of Allah, I would join the Muslim Brotherhood immediately. It’s that clear…

    It’s too bad nobody can set up a Muslim-free zone where people could go to get away from these evil monkeys…

  3. The ancient Buddhists actually dreamed of such a place. They called it, ‘Shangrala’. For real. A paradise on earth defined mostly as a Muslim-free zone

  4. Lots of muslim free zones exist in the world. Here in the UK there are so many places with no muslms at all. Not a burka in sight for miles. These are wealthy places. Britain is very wealthy and has among the highest numbers of millionaire types in the world. I believe the figure is in the 6 hundred thousand range. Muslims tend to be Pakistani taxi drivers, Bangladeshi grocers and Somali welfare claimants and so on and can not afford to live in such places. Hence lots of 100 percent muslim free zones. The same goes for the US but on an even bigger scale.

  5. Chris it is too late for the seculars to do anything, the MB has secured their power and are crushing all resistance, by the time Romney is sworn in they will have crushed the resistance.

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