A better than average desecration of a koran

To be frank I would like to get past this sophomoric business of flushing, burning, and making papier-mache pigs out of the muslim war manual and get on to more important things. But in a very real way, this is perhaps one of the most important things.

Think of it like a sort of intellectual, ‘tragedy-of-the-commons’. Where the truly wonderful ideal of a common space we all cooperatively occupy has been relinquished to the most illiberal forces alive today. Islam. That by politeness we have abandoned a precious spot on our yard and since we weren’t using it anyway, a law was passed saying that we now in fact cannot use it at all. The next step was obvious. That our enemies would take that space for themselves and what was precious free speech and the bulwark against a new dark age of irrational religious authority was not only ceded by us but handed to enemies of rational law without so much as an arrow fired from our side.

So perhaps we need to take that space back. And each time Muslims demand that we dumb down to sharia norms no matter how cleverly they phrase it, we must remind them that no laws can silence us. That no fetish object like the koran can be made sacred to someone who chooses not to hold it sacred for themselves.

That we will fight them. Perhaps to quote their vile book to our purpose:

“with every stratagem of war”

H/T Don L and Infidel Task Force

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  1. This war has to be fought on all levels, yes the various things done to the Koran seem childish, but they are damaging to the Moslems so we must continue to do them.

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