Calgary Muslims threaten war (in a backhanded way) on Canada over criticism of Islam door-to-door if we do not submit

This should give a whole new meaning to the Calgary Stampede

There is so much wrong with this clip it buggers the imagination. For openers, as a commenter observed, its a way for muslims to know exactly where people live who may wish to preserve their own culture and rights.

Secondly it is clearly an extortion racket and one to enforce sharia norms, not, as the gentleman observed, to protect all religions. Of course even if it was, that wouldn’t make it any better but being that not a prayer service happens where muslims do not threaten, degrade, insult and demand the destruction of every other religion, his statement was clearly to anesthetize the rest of us into thinking it was at least partially a rational demand.

So I have the following suggestion. I would ask that all people please pass it on to anyone they may know in the calgary region.

If muslims come to their door make sure you have a video camera on them. Use your phone cam if you have one. (This will justify the cost of your new iPhone 5 or Galaxy S III alone) Politely and with no trace of hostility ask a series of questions in the Socratic tradition. Think of your own so they don’t have pat replies ready but they could be along these lines.

Q: Is rational criticism of Islam OK?

(If so then)

Q: where is the line between rational criticism and insulting Islam?

Q: If I were to say that Islam’s founder Mohamed (he is a prophet only to believers. it remains important that the rest of us do not refer to him that way) was a pedophile as he married a 6 year old and molested her then had penetrative sex with her at 9, this is clearly true as all your Scripture says, but would you consider that blasphemy or insulting to Islam and its founder?

Q: If I or anyone was to point out the constant atrocities carried out in the name of Islam against Buddhists in Thailand, Jews everywhere, Hindus in India and Australia and jihad in general, would that be a problem for you?

Q: Exactly what do you mean by ‘respect’? as Islam tends to use words in a proprietary fashion.

Basically the idea is to get on camera the proof that what they really want, is, as South Park so excellently observed in the 2 part episodes where Tom Cruise, Paris Hilton and other obnoxious celebrities try and steal mohamed’s magical powers to be above criticism, complete and total domination of what ideas may or may not pass in the public sphere. And if they succeed, and they very well might, it is a very short trip to serfdom from there.

Once you have that video post it to you tube and send me the link or send me the video directly and I’ll edit it and make sure the point is out there. It will not be difficult to expose the real agenda with a few of those.

I must add, that there is simply no way that this is not a threat, direct or implied in the manner of a very confident extortionist.

(at approximately 50 seconds)

I think they will realize that the peace of the city and the peace of our country beautiful country of Canada is lies in that uh we should give proper respect to every founder of the religion

Eeyore for Vlad.


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20 Replies to “Calgary Muslims threaten war (in a backhanded way) on Canada over criticism of Islam door-to-door if we do not submit”

  1. Where were these people when the Shafia women were murdered?

    Where were these people when the Toronto 18 stood trial?

    Where were these people when Aqsa Parvez was murdered?

    They were where all muslims can be found when the truth of islam and the madness of muhammad need to be faced…….hiding? under the rock of hypocrisy……..their home away from home……

    And now their “community leaders” a sorry collection of brooding, threatening, pompous Pakistani blustering blowhards and windbags (imams and mullahs) have started rattling sabres…..working their “flock” into fits of foamy self righteous indignation…..ho-hum…….business as usual….

    They will be met as all religious fanatics are met….with a polite introduction, a few nods and mumbles….a smile and a farewell bidding them good day…….and then the door will close and we will resume once again the task of removing a festering cancer from our midst…..

    Such is the drudgery of democracy maintenance……taking out the garbage….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. Why do I get the feeling that this door-to-door campaign has a rather unoriginal motive, mainly muslims trying to root out / mark any potential critics within the city.

  3. fuck islam, fuck allah, fuck mo ham(pig)mad(as in insane)
    Yes, let those cracked non integrated slobs, try to institute sharia law, by their attempts
    to decency, by their propaganda approach that we should never insult any religion, respect all religions…..
    This is a free democracy, and fortunately, I am free to not NOT respect any religions,

    especially the backward leaning lympic oriented cults like islam

    But this is how they lobby, and they get the leftist loving social workiing imbiciles in all the churches
    to rally round them like morons round a maypole

  4. I don’t live in Calgary but if one day they ring at my door, I will throw the document in the street and tell them to follow. No religion in my house.

  5. I demand we have a parade every year where we tie the koran, bible, and drag them on the ground with strings, while walking dogs.

  6. Anything to keep from investigating the real cause of the biggest slaughterhouse shutting down,
    the halal slaughtering place of Alberta, how much of their plant is dedicated to this method?
    Only that bearded lunatics weren’t wearing covers for their beards….

    We never have decent reporting of these events
    25 percent of the beef in Alberta is slaughtered by halal methods, and these are the most saddistis, unclean one could ever imagine,
    but it is big money because of all the islamics in US and Canada and the export market

    Sooooo, we all suffer now because of those pig shit filfthy cultists and not one reporter to tell us all the facts

  7. To break the spell of Islam on Leftist Islamophiles, declare: “Flaying dogs alive to produce fur is worse than the suffering of the Palestinian people! Moderate your speciesism!”


    Hello there…….its me again…..

    From M.D.S.C (Muslim Delicate Sensibility Central), Calgary, Alberta, comes a wave of self righteous indignation in the form of a couple thousand muhammadans, disciples of the madman himself, boiling out of mosques across Calgary, hitting the streets to spread the truth of islam, the religion of peace.

    This, sadly, resembles, not revelations of truth, but rather the unchecked spread of gonorrhea and crabs in a brothel…..(please forgive my bias….)

    Of course it warrants mentioning that Calgary is also home to a vicious little worm, an overly litigious, puffed up little Pakistani viper, the infamous Syed Soharwardy. A pompous little bottom-feeder who availed himself of millions of taxpayers dollars to assuage his easily bruised muslim sensibilities by dragging Ezra Levant through the A.H.R.I ( Alberta Human Rights Inquisition) for the publication of cartoons in the Western Standard magazine.

    Calgary is also home to the little warm and fuzzy worshipers of islam, Muslims of Calgary. This is a collection of islamic sophisticates who, drunk with the love of inclusion, tolerance and multiculturalism, instruct their flock to “avoid all contact with the kuffar and infidels”. Further, these malevolent little worms also provide instruction to the male members of their congregation on the art of “disciplining their wives”…….loosely translated…..”How To Kick The Ass Of A Bitch Who Has Forgotten Her Place…..(and not leave a mark).

    Ahhhh…..yes……Calgary, Alberta, Canada…. home to islam…..the religion of peace….what exactly is it about good weather, a stunning view of the Rockies and economic prosperity that has our muslim friends so incapable of actually living up to the spirit of Canada’s success; democracy, human rights, freedom of conscience, thought, speech and assembly, the rule of law…..oh yeah…..and getting along with your neighbours?

    Where were these people when the Shafia women were murdered?…….where were these people when the Toronto 18 stood trial?…..Where were these people when Aqsa Parvez was murdered?……Where were these people when the World Trade Center collapsed after an encounter with the religion of peace killing 3,000 people?…..where were these people when a woman was knelt down and shot in the back of the head because her coerced affair with two muslim warlords had hit the gossip circuit of Afghanistan?……how much money did these conniving hypocrites donate to the cause of Neha Munir and Bibi Aisha, just two of the little girls among tens of thousands who spend the rest of their lives grotesquely disfigured and wounded as a result of islam…….the religion of peace?

    I suppose they were all too busy attending the yearly midnight madness sale of all things halal down at Crazy Habib’s Islamic Warehouse…..(suicide vests 50% off….one per customer…of course……unless your buying for the kids and wives, then volume discounts apply)

    I digress…….again……..sorry………
    In reality they were where all muslims can be found when the truth of islam and the madness of muhammad need to be faced……hiding…… under the rock of hypocrisy……..their comfy little home away from home.

    And now their “community leaders”, a sorry collection of brooding, threatening, pompous, blustering blowhards and windbags (media co-ord’s, imams and mullahs) have started rattling their sabres……..working their “flock” into fits of foamy self righteous indignation………..ho-hum, yaaaaawn………business as usual in Muslimville.

    As you watch the video above listen very carefully to the thinly veiled threats as issued by the thuggish imam, Nasir Mahmood Butt of the Baitun Nor mosque in Calgary……..and I quote….

    “I think that they will realize that the peace of our city and the peace of our country, the beautiful country of Canada, lies in the fact that we should give proper respect to the founder of all religions”……

    This velvet baseball bat was followed by another “islamic lock in a sock” as trotted out by the pious puffery of the slightly less thuggish, no less threatening, Sultan Mahmood, the media director for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamat as, wearing the cloak of the academic and moderate, he too gives ominous warnings………and I quote……

    “We cannot let this keep happening and keep continuing, whether it is isalm or any other religion, whether it is Christianity or Hinduism or any other religion, the, we have to pay due respect to the founders all faiths and of all religions”…….

    Now I want you to think about what these two thugs, I mean punks, I mean thugs, said for a moment……doesn’t this sound remarkably like the guys with bent noses, cauliflower ears, sporting names like “Big Lou” and “Two Times Tony”, who, bearing baseball bats, would accost merchants in New York and Chicago demanding “insurance money” from the same in order to avoid their being a victim of the mysterious rash of “spontaneous combustion” that was sweeping through the local business community? It does sound familiar because what these two thugs are saying is the mirror image and just as threatening….they are saying “we will start a war in Canada if you don’t stop telling the truth about islam and muhammad”……..think about that little message of peace and harmony for a few minutes.

    This said however……undaunted….the “prophet’s perma-offended” will hit the streets of Cowtown………

    I wonder if they will include the rather troublesome and irrefutable elements of the truth of the lunatic muhammad’s life and his flatulent, scatological ponderings in their little proselytizing picnic of “Pamphlets for the Prophet”.

    Somehow I think not. Some elephants are a little too large to sweep under the carpet…..even for the theological contortionists of islam….the religion of peace.

    I imagine down at “Calgary Lunatic Central”……the command and control center of Muslimville, the mullahs and imams have spent a restless and fidgety night up wrestling with the the insurmountable task of turning poison into poetry…..pacing the mosque floors, droning on and on and on……with sweaty palms and furrowed brows they fretted…

    I wonder how we can put a spin on the marriage of muhammad to a 6 year old child?. How can we spin the deluge of muhammad’s semen little Aisha had to clean from her body as, owing to the fact that her anus and vagina were too small to accommodate her loving “husband’s” penis, he would engage in the act of “thighing”….a delightful little pastime practiced even today by enthusiasts of islam, where they lay naked on virtual toddlers and rub themselves till they ejaculate….allah be praised!!!

    I wonder how we can put a spin on the muslim love of Bacha Bazi, a sunny little muslim pastime, an islamic sexual hit parade played out across the Middle East and Africa, where little boys are made to dress up as women, spend the night dancing to entertain their owners and then spend the wee hours being passed around the muslim men in a festival of brutal rape and lubeless sodomy (lube is haram)……..oh I’m sorry…..its not rape…….its “the love of muhammad”……allah be praised!!!

    I wonder how we can put a spin on one of muhammad’s more spectacular examples of “brotherly love” as he entered the village of Banu Qurayaza and murdered what estimates calculate were in excess of 800 men with the remaining women and children enslaved……he actually had a trench dug and filled it with the heads of his victims………try and sweep that inconvenient truth under the carpet.

    I wonder if we can put a spin on the virtually endless number of men, women, children, the elderly, and the infirm who, having offended the sensibilities of muhammad, were assassinated and in some cases, assassinated in a particularly brutal and gruesome fashion. In many of these cases their death warrants were issued for the same reasons we see muslims rioting today……….for telling the truth about muhammad…………allah be praised!!!!

    I wonder if we can put a spin on the fact that muhammad, a failed gigolo, a babbling lunatic, a conniving con-artist and pedophile, spent 13 years stumbling about mecca, peacefully droning on and on and on about his delusions, his little messages from God…….and for his efforts amassed a congregation of only about 150 souls. Seeing the error of his ways and seeing the stunning efficacy of unbridled violence, threats, intimidation, criminality and murder as motivational tools, he wandered out towards medina and that’s where he became a virtual rock star on the stage of psychopathic mass murder and lunacy.

    Now, looking at islam and muslims today…..doesn’t that bear some startling similarities?……rest assured these are more little difficulties that won’t be mentioned in the shiny “Pamphlets for the Prophet”.

    I wonder if we can put a spin on the endless number of commandments in the koran and the texts of the hadith that call for the persecution, enslavement and murder of all non-believers? The endless number of commandments that call for the unequivocal subjugation of women? The reality is that the truth of islam, as reflected in their own texts and dogma are muslim’s own worst enemy……..The koran is the irrefutable proof, the smoking gun, the fly in the ointment, the blood stained hands that are the evidence of the truth of islam.

    The reality is that muslims, the vast majority of muslims, and islam, are, owing to their love of psychopathy and the reverential worship of a lunatic, fast becoming Humanity’s most insignificant and despised members. And no shiny pamphlets are going to be able to put a spin on that.

    So, on this Thanksgiving Weekend, as trees shed their leaves, as the breezes chill, as the birds wind their way south, as families drive home to reunite, to cook feasts, to gather with one another and give thanks for all the good things in their lives……..the mumbling disciples of muhammad will be met on our streets and doorsteps as all duplicitous, threatening, religious fanatics are met……..with a polite introduction, a few nods and mumbles……..a smile and a farewell bidding them good day…….and then the door will close and we will resume once again, the task of removing a festering cancerous sore from the posterior of our society.

    I wrap up this little piece by saying that truth, like clarity is a good thing…in law……in love……in wine…….and in life..… lets have a little truth and clarity.

    Islam is the blackest of all lies ever told and it was told by the biggest of liars, muhammad.

    Wrap it in whatever robes you will, drape it in pearls, douse it in perfume and take it dancing… is what it is……..a clash of two cultures……the culture of civilized light and freedom and the culture of darkness, barbarity and death…..……let us recognize it as such as to obscure it in a fog of deluded political correctness serves only to endanger the freedoms we and all our ancestors have fought so hard for, the freedoms for all, the freedoms we cherish.

    Such is the drudgery of democracy maintenance……….fumigating the guest house and taking out the garbage……..

    Now, I command thee!!!….go roast thine turkey!!!! (but only if you live in Canada….otherwise make it chicken)

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!…

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada


    To my good friends Nasir and Sultan Mahmood of Lunatic Central in sunny downtown Muslimville………you bastards better run out and buy a truckload of ear plugs because I, for one among millions of Canadians, will continue to say, email, fax, transmit, advertise, inscribe, sculpt, chisel, spray-paint, broadcast, spread, skywrite, write about, talk about, write songs about, make cheesy movies about, yell and create websites about the lunacy of your islam…..the religion of peace…..and there is bugger all you or a million muslims can do about it.

    If you don’t like it you can leave Canada…..and quite frankly, the sooner the better.

  9. I’m a Presbyterian/Uniting Church person myself, the real Liberals in a religeous sense. I believe in live and let live and freedom of expression and well freedom generally unless you set out to harm others. I have to say that at least the dudes in the clip are trying to do the right thing as they see it and combat the radicals in their own way while doing some PR work for their creed. I actually have a good mate, Yasser, who is a muslim living in Canada (did his second Phd in combatting diabetes over there and stayed on after and is now a citizen working as a chemist) who would be taking the same approach as that mob – a gentle giant I used to coach at the gym years ago in Canberra.

    They have a right to share their message peacefully, just as we have a right to push our message that Muhammad was a slave running murdering paedophile and on that score Yasser and I agree to disagree. Perhaps if they can convince enough of their religion to do the same they could, with a lot of luck and fast taliking overcome the radical threat to all?

    If they can’t then simply put, “saddle up” as they said in the old US cavalry movies as global battle will be necessary. The final Crusade….

  10. If it’s war they want then it’s war they’ll get. Many of us are chomping at the bit to rid ourselves of vermin. Bring it on.

  11. Muslim to Canadian, ” Hey, you have a lovely city here. Shame if something happened to it. So how about respecting Islam?”

    The usual Taqqiya comes from these Muslims. At this moment in time, they are all for respecting all religions, as they are a minority in the West. But in their own countries, there is no respect for for Christians or Hindus. In fact, what happens is systematic violence both from the government and the mob.

  12. Also, please ask them whether they will publically call for ‘respect’ of atheists – not the ideology – the actual living people.

  13. They are feeling very confident if they are issuing threats like this, things are going to get real interesting in the near future.

  14. I always do, I consider them to be a greater danger then the Moslems, and Putin is working hard to make Russia a major player again, China is running out of minerals to use in manufacturing. Since they are having trouble buying them, and more and more nations are realizing that China has major economic problems and are insisting on cash with order, they are exploring the military option. Earlier this year Obama ordered the Philippines to let China steal a couple of islands, now they are making moves on Japanese islands and are looking at Taiwan. If Obama is re-elected they are going to have a free hand.

  15. China like those moslems would only pretend to be nice to the West when they need aid to advance their asiatic and moslems agenda.

  16. Russia doesn’t need to be contaminated, they are busy resurrecting the USSR as a feudal society with Putin Czar in all but name, Putin and his followers want to restore Russia to the same power level they had during the Cold War. In many ways the world was safer back then since the US and Russia kept their Third World allies quiet.

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