In other words, a DRONE

Israeli PM, Benyamin Netanyahu:

 We will continue to defend our borders at sea, on land and in the air for the safety of the citizens of Israel.

IAF shoots down unmanned aerial vehicle in northern Negev

LAST UPDATED: 10/06/2012 19:10

UAV enters Israel’s airspace from Mediterranean, shot down by IAF F-16s in open area; origin of craft unknown; IDF believes UAV sent to gather intel; PM: “We will continue to defend our borders in the sea, land and air.”

The Israel Air Force on Saturday shot down an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that had crossed into Israel’s airspace and flew over settlements and military bases in the Negev on Saturday morning, according to the IDF Spokesman’s Office.

The unmanned aerial vehicle was shot down at around 10am in an open area in the northern Negev by the IAF. The IDF said the UAV was spotted entering Israeli airspace from the Mediterranean sea heading from West to East.

From the moment that it was identified, a squadron of F16I fighter jets were scrambled from the Ramon airbase in the Negev, and accompanied the UAV.

The air force was able to shoot down the UAV at any time, but chose to fly along with it for several minutes. IDF ground forces collected the fragments and were analyzing them.

For safety reasons, the air force took a decision to shoot down the UAV over the northern Negev. IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz received real-time updates throughout the incident, the IDF said.

The IDF did not believe that the UAV was on an attack mission, but rather sent to gather intelligence. There were no explosives attached to the air craft, and it did not originate in the Gaza Strip, contrary to Palestinian reports.

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  1. There are other countries with drones besides America.

    The article says Hizbollah once launched a drone into Israel (it was shot down)


    Turkey, Israel, France, Germany, UK, China, Russia, Italy, India.

    And last but not least Iran (bingo!)

    I doubt they will say who sent it if it is too controversial.

    The most likely culprit is Iran, using the drone to look for direct or indirect signs of Israeli mobilization.

    OR to get data on the jet fighters sent to blast it. Who knows what it was detecting and broadcasting back to home base. How fast they scrambled, how long it took for them to decide to blast it, maybe data from the cockpits, communication codes, who knows what these drones can pick up.

    Iranian warships docked at a syrian port in feb. Also civilian Iranian ships tend to hide that they are Iranian to evade sanctions or whatnot. So the drones weren’t necessarily delivered via the warships. In fact people speculated at the time that the warships were actually functioning as decoys – with weapon shipments being delivered via “civilian” craft while everyone’s eyes would be glued to the warships.

    Then again we knew that. Then again they knew we knew that. Then again we knew they knew we knew that. Then again…

  2. Sorry, other news sources say Hibollah has launched a few drones into Israel over the years, not just one. Israel has shot down at least two of them before this.

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